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Thread: Can You Inbreed Pedigree Dogs??

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    Quote Originally Posted by Johnson View Post
    What I find typical and interesting here is that "mini bulls mum" has gone back since it was noted she was talking rubbish about some Italian blood lines and DELETED the picture and post.

    There was also a post from "Rich" making some claims about her own cross breed NM lines .

    Why post things if you dont stand by them and then mysteriously DELETE them.

    You are right though sorry too hijack what is an excellent thread, and other contributors please keep participating , I wont comment again in this thread but if necessary will start a whole new thread on particular peoples breeding practice and claims and may even put up the breed standard for them to read.
    Wow. Johnson you must be one ace detective.

    According to you, in one teeny weeny period of time, Mini Bulls Mum posted about the Neopolitan Mastiff in this thread and also posted an accompanying picture.

    Then, in that same space of time, a new member named 'Rich' joined (I've been 'detecting', too) and this 'Rich' commented on MBM's post

    ...and THEN you just happened to turn up also at this very precise point in time, at which point you posted some sort of comment about MBM's post and pic ( which also has mysteriously disappeared as your first 'quote' is about something else MBM posted entirely).

    Then it was all deleted before any other forum member saw it!!!

    Smell a rat, anyone?

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    The mods will be able to see if this occurred or not in their mod logs as well as checking on IP's if they wish to.

    It looks to me to be a personal vendetta against MBM.

    Any posts made under the name of Di_dee1 one can be used by anyone as I do not give a rats.

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    It would seem to be very personal I have not deleted anything whatever, this person is now talking total rot.

    To get back on topic, it is always said inbreeding ought to be done with knowledge and great care, to do it in order to keep deleterious genes in a breed and to get it from big to huge in a short space of time is not really a good reason to inbreed.
    So in some breeds I do not think inbreeding is acceptable.

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    Sorry Chop and Mitte I didnt get back on this thread until today bit I think Zed sent it to you anyways.

    Wow highjack crazy would love to see some pics of Johnsons Neos!!

    Great thread

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