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Thread: HUmans Are Hypocrites

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    This is probably a bit off topic.

    I am watching detroit animal police, and a cat has been thrown out of a 3 story building an dhis whole back end is broken into many pieces. They are x raying him and he is not complaining or struggling despite the pain he must be in.

    How is it that humans can be sooo nasty to animals, yet if a dog gives someone a bite it is immediately at risk of being PTS???

    We can treat them badly, but they can't return the favour (and we probably deserve it more than they do).

    What a bunch of hypocritical <insert expletive beginning with c here>.

    Sorry, just having a rant...I was trying to rant to the OH but he was just nodding at me (in other words not actually listening but inserting a nod where he thought it appropriate lol)

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    Couldn't agree more on the hypocrite label. What's worse is that many animals are socially programmed to cop the abuse in preference to being isolated from their 'pack' or family or whichever word you like to describe a social structure that gives safety in numbers and stability.

    I'm sure noone will be surprised to hear that I prefer the company of animals over humans any day.

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    99.9% of the population have and always will put the human species before any other. As sad and as stupid as it is, don't expect it to change any time =/

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