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Thread: Chewing EVERYTHING

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    I thnk chewing just comes down to the individual dog (if we dont include traiing).

    Some dogs are just going to always chew no matter how many outlets they get etc (our Lennox was a prime example of that, and some dogs just really enjoy it. Pippi is one of those, she alway shas something in her mouth (usually her "angry" toy as we cal it but sometimes stuff she isnt meant to have - that's why we had to get the "leave it" command good LOL)

    Then Baney is a dog who wont chew anything except what hes allowed. He wouldnt even dream of chewing something of ours even if it was left outside all day. Chevy was the same

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    Ate a piece of tractor tyre? I don't think the Squirrel dude would be stronger than that unfortunately. Hmm....hard wood. Ie maybe jarrah? ironbark? red gum? yellow box? railway sleepers (not treated for termites of course).

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    Frozen treats are a good way to buy some time, it won't solve the problem but it will distract a dog for while.
    If you freeze something smelly and oily like sardines or tuna in a plastic container the dog will chew on it until it's all gone.
    A margarine container works OK for smaller dogs, but bigger dogs would get through them quickly so maybe 2 litre ice cream container.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hyacinth View Post

    Ate a piece of tractor tyre?
    Yep. The only good thing I can say about that incident was that the tyre was no longer on the tractor... it wasnt a huge tyre

    West Point (???) Designs have the "Hurley" and the "Huck"... zogoflex is the miracle stuff. It's like rubber but unchewable!

    That said, I'm happy for Villi to have toys to chew and destroy... I have a budget built in for things like rope bones, chew treats etc. It's just having to design all the spaces at my place to cater for him, and remembering to keep an eye on him anywhere else...

    He stole a ball from my Ob instructors bag once- when she was handing me our completion certificate for that level!!!! The ball was dead in the few seconds she and I were shaking hands

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