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    while grooming lily i noticed several pimple like things on her body mainly tummy and armpits. i noticed some a while ago but that was after she had part of her belly shaved for a abdo u/s . and they looked like ingrown hairs.

    now there are about 10 that i can see some like white heads and some like blind pimples.

    im a nurse so naturally i poked at them and there is no pain or discomfort when touching them.

    she hasnt been exposed to anything new recently. does anyone know what this could be. she is due for her shots and ill be making an appointment this week at the vet but just wondering what i can do.

    i have 2 other dogs that have nothing like this.
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    sorry but is Lilly the young dog in pic as young dogs can get a type of acne?
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    Also might be Demodex mites, they cause little pimple like lumps, ofteb like blind pipmles but can have a bit of a white head on them, young dogs are prones to them too

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    yes crazydog lily is the young/smaller one in the pic however she is 1 year old now.

    i just googled the demodex mites it doesnt look like that but will def be getting it looked at.

    she isnt itchy at all so i doubt its the demodex as i would assume thats itchy as hell and contagous

    hopefully puppy pimples


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    Give her a wash in a good anti fungal shampoo & use an advocate spot after bathing & you will have everything covered & her flead & wormed to boot if worrierd at all.
    I'd say it's just pimples though.
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    she was only advocated about 2 weeks ago and was planning on washing this weekend (not easy washing 2 50kg rotties) due to all the rain we had last weekend and the fact that our back yard turned into a giant puddle they are both in need of a good bath. thanks for the advise

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    Well advocate covers mites & lice so that rules them out for you.
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