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Thread: DOGS Digging and Destruction

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    Unhappy DOGS Digging and Destruction

    What are the main reason of digging and destruction?

    and how can i stop my dogs from doing that such thing.

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    Generally boredom & being too confined but dogs do naturally dig also. If it's alot & huge tunnels you have very bored dogs I'd say though unless they are undesex then it can just be natures call.
    I would start thinking about how much daily exercise & mental stimulation your dogs are getting & go from there.
    I have a sandpit for my dogs also.
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    Breed....Some dogs are bred to dig to look for vermin and such. hat was their purpose.

    We also have a sandpit for our dogs to bury their treasures. Tessa loves to bury her bones there and if they are locked away for a few ours we bury some goodies into it.
    Newfies are not real diggers, they like to lie in it.
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    Depending on breed,then its boredom/possibly now habit.
    Could use a little more info
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    Agree with Chop, need more info. But generally, it's either a breed thing or a lack of exercise, stimulation.

    You could use mild deterrents, such as a handheld water sprayer or a loud sound (empty soft drink bottle with rocks).

    like a rolling thunder chasing the wind...

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    Cos it's fun.

    How to stop it?

    Fence off the area so the dogs cannot get to it.

    Exercise the dogs more.

    Give them their own place to dig - as newfsie said.

    Supervise them more and give them something else to do.

    I also put very big rocks, besa blocks, bricks or pavers into the holes my dog has dug that are where I don't want her to dig - eg along the fence line and in plant root zones. There's plenty of other places she can dig.

    If she digs in the middle of the lawn (she loves digging up crickets), I put a small amount of her dog poo in the bottom of the hole and fill it in. Doesn't work with dogs that like to eat their own poo though.

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