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    Hi All,
    I was out last night walking with my pup Oscar and we came across what seemed like a beautiful staffy who was lost. We had a quick look around and found that her owner was just walking around the corner, so the staffy was not missing. But the question I have is...if we had not found the owner, who would we call? It was later in the evening, about 8:30pm when this happened. My initial thoughts were to call the local police station...but I doubt if they would be able to help. Would be great to know, as I would be heart broken if my Oscar got out and was missing.

    Apologies if this has been posted previously.


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    Hi Chris,

    It really depends where you are. In some places there is an after hours number you can call and if the rangers are not busy they can come and collect the dog.
    Some pounds have pens out the front that you can lock the dogs in until morning until they are processed when the rangers check the pens.

    You can hold the dog at your place until the rangers can pick the dog up or you take the dog to the pound yourself during opening hours.

    I know when I lived in FNQ I found 2 dogs in one night!! I rang the ranger and she told me I can either let the dog go and hope it isn't hit by a car worse or hold them over night and she will pick them up in the morning. I kept them over night and got up early and walked around the neighbourhood with them hoping that the owners were out looking for their dog. One dog was lucky as the panicked owners saw us walking around with their dog. Very grateful and happy to be reunited.
    No luck with the second one and the ranger came and picked the dog up. (this dog did have a tag with a number but phone rang out. I left a message saying that the dog was now at the pound) A couple of hours later the owner rang to say she had picked up her dog and to thank me very much for caring!! She only lived around the corner!!

    You could take the dog to an after hours vet where they can check for a microchip if they have no tags on.

    Hope that helps and glad the owner wasn't far away.

    Generally the first place a person will look for their lost dog is the pound so the quicker they can get to the pound the better. It is actually law to take lost dogs to the pound or vet and not keep them with you. Some country pounds (over worked, crowded and underpaid) will take details of the dog and allow you to keep the dog with you until the owner is found.
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    I have previously taken dogs home and notified everyone possible of the dog where abouts, All the vets, RSPCA, Pound, Dog Rescue, Ranger, Radio stations, Council across the River and anyone i could think off. I would be beside myself if I lost my dog, so to me it is very important to let just everyone know. I also immediately put up posters in the nearby towns News Agency, Butcher, Bakery and little Super Market.
    I also had the dog checked for a microchip at the nearest vet. As it was it was a friend of the owners who saw one of the posters.
    I have found a few work dogs on the road to, but have been able to trace their owners, by just going to some different properties with the dogs. everyone seems to know each others work dogs
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    I usually call the council for advice. If the dog is wearing a council tag - they call the owners to come get the dog from me. Sometimes the owner finds me directly and sometimes I find the owner (door knocking the nearest streets).

    If we can't find the owner or there is no tag or collar the ranger comes for the dog. If I lost my dog, I'd be calling the council first, then the vets, and door knocking and then repeating calling everybody. She is microchipped and the microchip is still in the right place and the database has my details so I imagine I'd get a call if anyone did the right thing and checked for the microchip.

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