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Thread: Hello and Happy 2011

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    Default Hello and Happy 2011

    Hi all,

    haven't been on for a while - hope everyone had a good break over Xmas with their family and four-legged buddies.

    We have gone from five dogs to seven - pretty scary, lol.

    We bought an Amstaff from a reputable breeder last October and I am even more a fan of the breed now we own one. Six was definately the number to stop on - I am averaging 5km walking a day, not including visits to the dog park.

    However, a couple of weeks ago, we heard that the brother of our lovely rotty shepherd cross siblings was potentially bound for the shelter, so we now have him as well.

    I would love to know if anyone else on here has experience of living with multiple dogs, in order to share knowledge, etc.

    Here is our Amstaff - 5 months. Her name is Catrina (Cat for short)

    And this is Blaze, brother of Rusty and Shylar

    Here they all are in the river the other day

    Anyway, that's us so far this year,



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    Hi there what a wonderful pack you have.
    I have a large(in somes eyes) pack consisting atm of 3 Tibetan Mastiffs Bubba, Pearl & Bear(plus I have my sisters TM Jewels here alot while she finishes UNI so latey it's more like 4)2 poodles(Milly & Chuckie), 1 maltesse(Ling), 1 poodle/maltese x(Bella) & a Shih Tzu xMaltese/poodle(Jack) at my place.
    At mums there is 2 Maremma boys(Snowy & Bono) & my older TM bitch Tori & at or other farm where the office is there is Baskar & when she isn't here Jewels my sisters TM.
    All theres dogs can & have lived together before & do still mix when I take mine out to the farm.
    It takes work & with the stronger breeds you have to be the boss por they will try to fill the position. I do have a boss dog Bubba but he's a wise old man & really true top dogs capable of keeping the peace are far & few between. But even Bubba deferes to me if I'm there. He is a tuff ruler though & will deal harshly with young males stepping out of line but if I leave it up to him the fights are over alot quicker & we can go back to living in a peaceful pack with little fuss. Where I have found if I interfere too much it can go on for ever & end with dogs having to be permittly keep apart. With saying that I have to say if your top dog is aggressive or not really true top potensal leaving them to sort it out could be fatal.
    I feed all mine together exsept Tori as she is too nervous still to eat in a pack without causing drama. They eat even raw meaty bone like this with little to no fuss.
    I do have some strict rules though as to no rough play, respecting my space, not getting up on anything without being invited & when walked they get some free time on a slack lead but mostly as they get their exercise at the farm I use a walk as a training season & they must walk beside me with no pulling. This allows me to walk 4 fully grown Tibetan Mastiffs or Maremmas by myself.
    It is an ongoing daily job having a pack of dogs but also you'll learn more than you ever could just having a few pet dogs. For me a pack is a group of bonded dogs numbering 5 or more. The bond is so strong here that they will guard each others pups & my TM are the most guardy when it comes to their little dogs. We joke that the OH & myself have 3 pet dogs(the TM's) & the rest are really the TM's pets, lol............
    I will start a thread today just for pictures of my pack & other animals so you can see just how close they all are to 1 & another.
    Glad to have another multi breed pack member to chat with.
    Dogs make everyday life enjoyable...........

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    They are all gorgeous!! I don't envy you one bit though.... :O

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jucealala View Post
    They are all gorgeous!! I don't envy you one bit though.... :O
    Ha, agreed! I have no idea how you do it, but am in awe, regardless! They're all beautiful looking dogs, and they look so happy together. It'd be kind of cool to be able to bring the benefits of the off-leash dog park with you, wherever you go

    My mum has 3 dogs which are a bit of a handful at times, mainly because one is completely neurotic (Rudy the maltese x poodle, surprising, much? ) and will take off and bark at any old dog and be followed by the other 2. It has its benefits though - when Gretel (toy poodle) looks like she's running too far away, Rudy goes and brings her back. It's a dysfunctional but somehow strangely functional system!

    That pic of Blaze is adorable, it kills me that I'd be allergic to him and could never have a Blaze of my own! Preeeeetty!

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    Thanks guys!

    Crazy Dog I await a photo swap-fest of each other's packs!

    I will post more later - so far have walked four dogs, bathed five and fed all. (Yesterday it was poodle clip and wash time, so they all smell lovely at the moment). We are just on our way out to take one of the dogs back to visit the shelter we adopted him from - he is somewhat of a minor star there - every single staff member across both shelters goes a bit silly at mention of him on the premises, lol. He is our wise and fair top dog, btw!

    Talk more soon,


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    Nawwwwww thats crazy and sweet all at the same time.

    I don't think I could have that many because I feel bad just having two and dividing my time LOL they look at me with the saddest faces when I am giving the other attention.

    But good on you for taking them all on and looking after them, they are gorgeous!

    Happy 2011 also

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    What great pics of a happy pack, so lovely to see....hello from me too
    Pets are forever

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    Good to hear from you again!
    I love cooking but I love eating even more.

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    I am so jealous!
    My dream ever since I was really little was to own a farm and heaps of rescue dogs.
    Your house must be
    Thanks for coming back
    Education not Legislation

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    Welcome back. A friend of mine who used to be on this forum has her own pack of 5, a few fosters and a business doing dog minding in her own home. I think that her best was 17 dogs at one stage. Just trying to do a head count and I think it was 8 or 9 when I stayed with her, lol. When I saw her at Christmas she said there were 14 at her place.

    Any posts made under the name of Di_dee1 one can be used by anyone as I do not give a rats.

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