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Thread: Hello and Happy 2011

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    lol guys, yes my house is fun.

    Actually feeling really inspired after having a consult with Steve on the weekend and reading a great book by Vicki Hearne about the art of dog training.

    I am going back to crates for the house to continue the order and structure and to make things calmer when visitors arrive.

    Also going to embark on perfecting the recall with two of the dogs who have developed barking behaviour when uncertain. I can't wait to try the long line work with these guys.

    I have realised that the more obedience work I get down with each dog, the more coherant they will be as a pack and in their response as individuals to me when in the group. At the moment, I can go out with any one of them and get high levels of response on and off lead, but once they get together, things get much more complex.

    As for the farm - I wish! Just a big suburban yard and lots of exercise and management strategies. I would love to be on property so I didn't have to feel as paranoid about neighbours - I am ultra conservative about how much barking I allow and I think bringing the gang back inside and crating while I am out will ensure they are quiet when I am not home, now they are all old enough and over any seperation issues when we leave.

    I really enjoy the challenge of lots of dogs - I do sometimes feel they are treated as a group unit rather than one on one, but I do make the effort to take them out individually as well. Except the barking brother sister duo, but that will have to addressed too, so they can do without each other sometimes.

    Oh, and did I mention as a recently single unemployed parent, I often have to push thoughts of illegal gain to pay for the animals, but then come to my senses keep trawling the part time jobs instead, lol.


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    I'm sure your dogs know they are individualy loved & I find different pack members seek me out at different times mainly anyway.
    Atm I have Bubba (9yr TM top dog) at my feet to my right & Jack beside me to the left & Bear passed out directly in front. I did have a pup on my lap untill something exciting(chaseing the cat probley) got his attention & he was wide awake & off out the door, lol.
    I walk my dogs in 2 packs big dogs + Jack because he really thinks he's big & little pack but other than that everyone dose everything altogether.
    I find the pack gets new dogs to come around a lot faster than I could do without them.
    What are you needing mainly, feed & bedding?
    I can help with some fresh meat if you could get it picked up or pay postage on it.
    Dogs make everyday life enjoyable...........

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    Wow what a wonderful pack you have. Sorry to hear about the recent unemployment, that must be tough.

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    Thanks Tina G for your support!

    Crazy Dog - thanks so much for your offer! I am managing okay at present but your generosity is awesome.

    Feeling a bit defeated at the moment, as the seventh dog is not working out (see rescue page) and in the process of trying to privately rehome him instead of taking him to a shelter.

    He's a lovely dog, he just hasn't had the work put into him and they didn't desex him either, so at nine months, he is not slotting in far enough down the ladder with my others

    I've given him three weeks grace, but he is obviously going to be better off in a smaller group or on his own. He is a lovely boy so I am hopeful that he will find a good place to live. I will probably need to desex him before he goes - most private rescue groups require it. I'd rather pay for it than take him to a shelter. Hepicks things up really quickly, training wise.

    As for walking, I also tend to walk them in two groups, unless my daughter is coming with me. The four larger ones walk well as a unit and the smallest female (also the small boss - we have a big boss male too) does better walking with less dogs as she gets grumpy. Can't blame her if she's getting trampled, lol.

    Great to talk with somebody who knows the joys......


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    A quick addition to this last post - after spending most of the day talking to a bunch of amazing and helpful private rescue folk via phone and email, the deal is that before they can advertise, foster or rehome him, he needs to be microchipped and desexed.

    I will go ahead and book him in for it - I'd rather pay for it than take him to a shelter, as he is a lovely dog and it would be a shame for him to have to go through that process.

    Fingers and toes crossed that he will come home from the op calmer so that he can either stay or find a good home elsewhere.

    Any tips that will help me take advantage of his 'altered state' to slot in lower in the pack would be welcome.

    Either way, I am so relieved that he won't have to go to a shelter after all.


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