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Thread: Very Disturbing Clip

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    Quote Originally Posted by Peta23 View Post
    Not really.. You have basiclly said that a corgi wouldn't attack anyone.
    When did I basicly or any other way imply a corgi would not attack anyone. I challange you to find any statement I have made that could immply that a corgi would not bite anyone & quote it.
    And if you see no difference between a corgi & a pitty coming at you I am at a loss as to me there is a massive size difference to start with & a corgi has not even half the jaw pressure of a pitty. A corgi might take a small chunk of skin & tissue, a pitty has top capabilities to take the whole muscle.
    I am not saying pitties are aggressive or bad dogs just that in the situation of a dog coming at me in an aggressive manner a pitty would have my attention alot quicker than a corgi.
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    I must admit, I am less than impressed with the police force here in Sydney.

    In our first few months here my OH had a gun pulled on him by a police officer on our way home from grocery shopping.

    We were pulled over and thought oh they dont like our dodgy old commo. My partner got out of the car and stood by the boot with his hands clearly visible. The cop got out and pointed his gun at him screaming at him to get back in the car. I have no doubt that had my partner made the slightest wrong move, he would have been shot in front of myself and our daughter.

    Turns out they were looking for a white commo as there had just been an armed robbery at the Leichhardt Marketplace, which is where we had just left from doing our shopping. Funny thing is (and there are many), the only place open was the supermarket and we had just left there and it wasnt being robbed, there was no news about an armed robbery in the local paper, they were looking for a new commo and also a totally different model and any cop worth his salt should be able to tell cars apart.

    He then threatened to arrest my OH because he was angry at the cop for pulling agun on him and my OH swore a few times. There was no apology for the gun.

    Meantime, while that cop was aiming his gun at my OH, another one was coming up our side with his hand on his gun. daughter was in th eback screaming her head off....then the one coming up on our side listened to his radio and goes, its the wrong car. Well f***ing duh you dumba$$.

    Anyway, they then mucked round taking our details for 15 minutes (ummm dont you have an armed robber to catch) which we made especially difficult as we didnt feel they needed them considering they had the completely wrong people.

    We then spent two days attempting to lay a complaint where we were just forced from one police station to another because "that wasnt one of ours".

    So yep, I am less than impressed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Peta23 View Post
    How do u know that they didn't find an drugs? Police dont search peoples house for the fun of it.
    Maybe not for the fun of it, but they surely DO make mistakes. Often. If I were that guy I'd sue them, no matter what he did - he could've been a murderer, but they had no rights to shoot dogs. They were not attacked and one dog was caged. This is so cowardly and disgusting! Even shooting a corgi. For F. sake - how much damage can corgi do? They were equipped from head to toe, high boots, protective clothing. They could've kicked it and order a woman to take care of it, not shoot it. I am disgusted.
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