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    Default Norwegian Lundehund

    This breed was the first dog I actually wanted but given the cost of importing and quarintine, and the fact that I haven't had any experience with dogs, I decided against getting one.

    Just out of curiosity, are there any breeders of Norwegian Lundehunds in Australia? I have been on the forum dedicated to the breed but found naught =p

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    Funnily enough my Dad convinced himself that Rox was a Norwegian Lundehund. I cannot remember the amount of times I had to make him count her toes to prove him wrong.

    They are fantastic dogs, look great. I've never seen any or heard of any here though.

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    They're not recognised by the ANKC (yet!) and I haven't heard of any in Australia. They are FCI recognised and on their way to AKC reg in the US.

    I'm sure they'll get here eventually, but importing is very expensive! You need to find a rich benefactor for the breed!!

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    Yes you can start at 20k easy to import 1 pup once you facter in puppy price, board costs,vet care costs,quarrintine testing, paperwork & finally Q boarding & the airflight it gets into big $$$ fast.
    The lady that imported Black Hawk(a famous TM) got a loan on her house to get him here & they lost him to a snake bite before he ever even got a chanse to sire a litter. Luckily they had taken sperm but still it was very very exspensive for a few doses of sperm.
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