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Thread: Good Dog Friendly Beaches in Melbourne

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    awww Pinkest, she was the cutuest little puppy! how did you get her to sit so still on that pillar?

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    Thanks so much Hyacinth, with this awesome information i almost feel confident enough to post a list of dog friendly beaches in Adelaide!

    Quote Originally Posted by Hyacinth View Post
    In Adelaide, most all of our beaches are dog friendly before 10am and after 8pm during daylight savings / summer. And all day during winter / standard time. I think the exception might be Glenelg (where the jetty is) which might be either no dogs or dogs always on lead. Anyway - not much fun for a dog. And there's often a lot of rubbish there anyway.

    So my fave beaches for dog are South Brighton, West Beach, and Sempaphore / Largs, and perhaps Tennyson beach - because there is always some sand there, even at high tide. Some of the other beaches eg Somerton, North Glenelg etc are completely underwater at high tide so there is water and rocks and nothing to walk on.

    Was at West Beach near the surf club this morning... Fantastic. And strangely - hardly any people, let alone dogs.

    There is an all day dogs off lead beach at Osullivans beach - enter near the boat ramp, but they cut that in half last year to do something to do with storm water or sewerage and it's been too small and crowded and crap - in my opinion since then.

    There are a lot of other beaches further south but letting dogs off lead can interfere with sand piper nesting sites - if the sand piper is frightened off the nest (in the open at high tide level) by a dog, the chicks die.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tristanbonhoffer View Post
    awww Pinkest, she was the cutuest little puppy! how did you get her to sit so still on that pillar?

    She would climb anything when she was little - all we had to do was pat the top and tell her 'up', then once up, tell her to 'wait'. She had (and still has, actually) amazing balance. At doggy obedience & agility, her favourite was the A-frame, which always seemed to be set high (ie, 6')... up she would go, then 'wait' on top, with tail wagging no less, until we gave her the 'go on'. Funny, because for all her climbing she never learned to jump (thankfully!); now in her dotage (she turned 8 last Sunday, getting on for a boxer) she has finally started to lose her nerve.

    I wonder how she would go on a beach nowadays? May have to find out once doglets are allowed back at St Pier in Autumn.

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