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Thread: My Heart is Breaking

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    Default My Heart is Breaking

    my 14 year old maltese winston has just been diagnosed with central vestibular syndrome, anaemia and liver disease. He's having an ultra scan of his liver on Tuesday. He is my baby, I am heartbroken. Anyone else had an old dog with any or all of these conditions?
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    Poor Winston.
    I feel for you.
    Dogs make everyday life enjoyable...........

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    No have no experience with those, sorry to hear of your sad plight, just hang in there as best you can for your old dog

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    How do you cope with this, when you love them like a child. He's been my companion for the past 13 years, best friend and baby. I dont know how I can cope with this. I dont know how I will be able to let him go.

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    I was the same with my old JR but I did cope although the house work didn't get done & I was a weeping mess for awhile.
    Spend as much quality time as you have left with him & you will always tresure those memories.
    Also remember 14yrs is a good innings for any dog really so it may just be his time to go now & he will be waiting over the rainbow bridge for you free of any pain & age symtoms.
    Dogs make everyday life enjoyable...........

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    Whilst I have not had experience with these issues, I have experienced the pain of losing (more than one, sadly) a furry family member. No words will take away your pain right now, but spend as much time as you can with Winston, and cherish the good memories always.

    I will never forget a little boy of about 5 telling me after the loss of my beloved Wolfhound that 'our pets leave us after such short times because it takes them so much less time than us humans to learn to be 'good'. Near broke my heart.

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    I am sorry Winston's mum. My prayer goes to you.

    If you need to someone about this issue, I heard you can also call Lifeline who can provide counselling.

    Like CD said, treasure the time you have spent together and the remaining time....
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    I am so sorry. I have not had this particular problem. Thinking of you. Give Winston a big hug
    Pets are forever

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    So sorry your dog is sick.

    When I lost my dog, I was devestated, I still cry for her when I think about her. I would love to say it gets easier, but so far 2 yrs later i miss her like crazy and would give anything to have another day with her.... But she lived a great life and that is what I try to remember, all the good stuff. The fact her feet would stink. That she would share my pillow and her breath was always cool. That she would rather walk with me looking up at me than run off an explore.... keep reminding yourself of all the good times and that they will wait for you and eventually you will be together again, at least that is what I do.

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    thanks everyone, your messages are very helpful.

    Winston is booked to have an ultrasound on his liver on Tuesday morning. Blood tests have already revealed his liver enzymes are extremely high. Do you think there is any chance that it's just something that medication can fix?

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