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Thread: When Do You Get Involved?

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    It's truly shocking how much "everyday" abuse occurs that we just ignore, because, as CD rightly points out, the RSPCA is overwhelmed with the truly gut-wrenching cases to take on policing of the stupid and ignorant.

    I'm really glad that this discussion has become an outlet where others can talk about what they see that is troubling them too.

    Di_Dee1, I really hope those 3 doglets get a happy ending. <hugs> to you, too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Villain & Flirtt View Post
    CD, was not referring to you :-) if I recall correctly, you've said all along to wait and gather facts.... Not turn a blind eye.
    no worries, I may be a little touchy today as I feel I have had to defend myself alot, lol.......
    I was not really sure who you meant but thought I should probley make my opinion on the matter a little clearer than I had.
    Gee this heat is really starting to wear me out today, lol.........
    Dogs make everyday life enjoyable...........

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    Quote Originally Posted by Di_dee1 View Post
    My son is getting involved in a situation. He is in one of 3 flats in a row with a narrow communal graveled back yard.
    About a week ago someone moved into the front flat with 3 dogs.
    These dogs are locked in the flat all day and out the back all night.
    At first they came up growling to him when going out his own back door but are friendly now. They bark a lot at night.
    Last night there was torrential rain. No cover at all in the yard and they were scrabbling at his screen door to be let in out of it. He let them in the laundry.
    When putting them out again at 3am he found that they had eaten a plastic bag of birdseed that he had in there. He said they would have to be starving to do that.
    He has rung the cops with noise complaint, nothing could be done as our one local cop is on leave, rung his real estate agent only to be told there was nothing they could do as the landlord does not now have the front flat on their books. No collars or tags and our council has a blitz on re unregistered dogs so he has rung them too.
    I think the RSPCA is next. He is becoming very concerned about the welfare of these dogs.
    Tell your son to start keeping a diary & mark in it everytime they bark exsecivly, get left out in any extreme weather, if they are with out water & write any conversations he has with the owners in it also. Ring & report it now, start the diary & next time you find them locked out in extreme weather or without water ring and report it again & make sure you quote the number you got on the first report ph call. Make sure you use word like fear for dogs safty & wellbeing & that it's ongoing & you realy really think an inspector needs to check it out before the dogs get left locked out without water in this extreme haet & dies. It is alot harder to ignore this type of followed up on reporting & something may get done.
    As for the dogs plight right now maybe the owner can be talked into giving 1 or 2 up if given the oppertunity without feeling judged. Not sure how to go about it as I'd be sure to make him feel judged but some pc person may be able to pull it off.
    Dogs make everyday life enjoyable...........

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    He is also afraid that the dogs will trip him inadvertently. He has a bad back, 2 back operations and a fall lands him in hospital with an air ambulance trip to a bigger center. This has happened a few times with just a leg giving way let alone a dog running under it. He had Bandit in there a few weeks (okayed by the landlord) but brought him back when this tended to happen. I am so pleased he will be moving in March. He though, as you would expect, feels for the dogs so much and I bet he is feeding them.

    Any posts made under the name of Di_dee1 one can be used by anyone as I do not give a rats.

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    Dear me yes the move sounds like a good thing.
    You'd think no one would be allowd dogs or any large animals in a shared yard situtation as it could get hard to say no. If 1 guy has 3 dogs whats to stop another living there to have another 3 could potenally get pretty tricky on many different levels.
    Maybe this guy should be asked to make a run for his dogs & somehow the owner needs to realize dogs locked in a house all day then shoved into the yard of a night without any real exercise are very likely to bark all night.
    What a horrible spot to be in hope it dosen't get any worse for your son before his move. Good luck with the whole situation.
    Dogs make everyday life enjoyable...........

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