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Thread: Amstaff V Pitbull

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    aaawww noooooo *groans*

    Occy has beaten me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Occy View Post

    An amstaff is a pitty is an amstaff is a pitty!

    If pits are banned, where aren't amstaffs?




    Who is a clever poppet today then !
    Here you go sweetness , one gold star for you.
    *stand still before it ends up in your nose instead of on the forehead*

    If pits are banned, where aren't amstaffs?

    oooohhhh.....I just so knew this was a coming!

    OK , now we head out into deeper ,unknown waters

    I guess in all honesty I cannot give you just one answer or even the one right answer.
    I can give you my general 'views' on it though....( member I is sick-be kind-mischeif already left me *sob* ) and there are those who will no doubt not agree.

    But again condensed version,for here in oz , as there are other parts of the world , including some places in the States where in fact they are covered by BSL. As are all the 'Staffs' that come into the APBT pool.
    I guess,its easy to target a 'type' when trying to win votes,the fact that it is not recognised by the ANKC just cements it.

    Because it brings us back to the fact that the APBT is not a recognised registered breed with the ANKC .
    The Amstaff is.

    Now there were/are rumblings that the Amstaff is being considered for the list as well....we do not know how true these rumblings are just at the moment but you can rest assured that the breed is not on rock solid ground whilst ever we have BSL .

    I shall borow your bolt icons if I may and recess to take some drugs ...erm...medication

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    If the APBT is not considered a breed and the Amstaff is wouldnt it make snese that you would ban the amstaff?

    Also - don't make me poke you in the eyes, cause I will, sick of not

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    * i really is so sick-sob*

    Well see then we get into the dynamics of BSL and sadly the word sense does not belong in the same sentence.

    Bite stats,id's or mistaken id's ,stereotypes ....
    Where would we start?

    In the grand sceme of things and I am honestly not making light of the situation....but realisticly,thus far Australia has gotten off lightly when it comes down to the nitty gritty of banning breeds instead of deeds.
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    pitts are banned is oz yeah?
    does that include x breeds?
    I saw a young dog today and to my untrained eye it looked like if not a pure breed then a x one but it looked like Bill Sykes dog Bullseye from Oliver the move who I believe was and English Bull Terrier (probably wrong) can someone explain the ins and outs here? TA

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    Just a quick breeze through on the way to bed and caught your question Erinah.

    Oliver is a Miniture Bull Terrier yes.
    Not an APBT .
    It actually brings to mind that only recently I was watching Babe 2 -Pig in the City with the kidlet...for the first time watched it right through to the end with both ears open lol
    And lo and behold they called the Bull Terrier in that movie a Pit Bull Terrier !
    I was quite taken aback to say the least! Universal Pictures are yet to get my email...not too sure how we'll go there.
    They are very different ! Very hard to mistake for an APBT .

    Yes in all States except Northern Territory,Tasmania and the ACT ( ironic much? ) the APBT is banned.Crossbreeds if Breed Assessed as such and pass a Temp Test are then free to go on and live a free and full life not having to comply with any regs.
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    Seeing as BSL is largely media driven hype, it it possible that the very term "Pitt Bull" is a big part of it?

    Rather than being interested in breed details, the name is everything. Consider a scenario (hypothetical of course!):

    A dog attack on a child occurs, and serious injuries result. We as dog folk know that this could be accomplished by just about any breed of domestic dog given the right (or wrong!) set of circumstances.

    But if the attack comes from say, a fox terrier (which springs to mind only as I remember one being responsible for a child death when I was very young - I do love Fox terriers!) how would the headline read??

    "Baby Killed in Dog Attack" maybe, something similar. I bet the breed wouldn't rate a mention in the title.

    Now if a Pitt was involved?? "Baby Mauled to Death by Savage Pitt Bull" perhaps? Guaranteed the breed makes the headline.

    Shock value.

    BSL is driven by public opinion, not public knowledge. People do go look up reports themselves and check out flaws in statistics supplied by the media. The majority of community members out there believe what they are fed by commercial media without question.

    Most of these people wouldn't know a Pitt if they fell over one and many would consider a Bull Terrier a Pitt. I'm not really sure why...
    But if they hear the name Pitt Bull Terrier they will shake their heads, "Tut tut, vicious animals."

    And I hope you feel better Choppa - sending electronic hugs your way!
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    Those are the lines I tend to think along Natty.
    And thanks for the wishes
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    Hmmm very interesting, thanks for the history lesson Choppa. I learnt something new today!! I guessed Pit Bull for the first pic but wouldn't have been able to pic the Amstaf in the second. I'd need to see them side by side.

    And I totally agree about the media hyping things up. Sadly people believe what they are fed...

    And how can you call a Bull Terrier a Pitty? Even IIIII know that

    I find it strange that a pit bull is banned but a cross is permissable (with temp testing etc). 'Oh it's only half pitty, it must be ok'... ??!!!

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    You're welcome Loren

    And yep,as to BSL,nothing makes sense about it full stop.
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