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Thread: Amstaff V Pitbull

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    *brain go splat*

    So is this any closer to the truth

    An amstaff is a registered breed?
    A pit bull terrier is a type rather than a breed as it is not registered?

    So a pitbull is as byb amstaff?


    *more brain splat*

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    Sorry for delay guys

    OK , the photo is of an APBT.
    Nice isn't he

    The American Staffordshire is the registered version of the APBT.
    That is a simple version ( sorry guys-been a hectic night)

    It is not a recognised breed in Australia Natty you are correct,it is however a recognised,registered breed with the UKC .It is one of the things brought to many debates when concerning BSL and those especially pertaining to the ID'ng of a said Restricted Breed.
    In other parts ofthe world a dog can actually be dual registered,APBT/Amstaff.

    An APBT is an unpapered Amstaff.

    Sorry Occy,probably more brain splat on the way

    It is not a case though of simple an APBT being a BYB Amstaff.
    Without the Pi Bull , there would be no Amstaff.
    The Amstaff was created from a select group of APBT. No other blood has ever been introduced. In fact the Stud Books reopened in the 70's to allow a fresh infusion of APBT blood into the Amstaff , thus in effect making the Amstaff an even younger 'breed' .

    This is a highly condensed version of things sory,as I said ,tis been one of those nights and its getting late.

    Hopefully the thread will not implode before I can come back tomorow
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    Just popped back in quickly to pop up a pic ofthe other side of the coin for you before heading off to bed.
    She's lovely and she's Amstaff

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    Great explanation chop, and love the photos.

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    Thanks Nomad

    It's often such an emotive , explosive discussion .
    But it will always escape me how people can claim they are dfferent dogs .
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    oh my head hurts just thinking about this topic..

    meh done it too many times to count now so me thinks me leave this up to choppa...

    I cant wait until she gets to the bit where she has to explain how they do it all in the USA hahahaahahaha

    Phoenix is ready to pop btw so il have some beautiful puppy pics to post soon YAY

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    aawww poop Mischief

    Here I was hoping someone else would deal with all the nitty gritty stuff

    But then again, sometimes the simpler things are kept , the better people can absorb.

    You thought your head hurt at the thought !
    And look!
    3 pages odd and naught squabbling yet ....going so much better than I thought

    Perhaps you can remove the kevlar Occy....but would keep it nearby like

    And yay!! Pheonix babies! *yum yum*
    How long do we have to wait now?
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    Thems fightin' words Choppa!!

    Next question

    If pits are BYB why have I only in the last few years heard of amstaffs?


    Why are there pitbull shows? What is the purpose of them?

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    Oh much to write so little time *keeps watching clock and listening for front door - should this post mysteriosly seem to be cut short you know why*

    I guess Pits are not BYB.
    The APBT came first.
    The Amstaff didn't come about until the 1930's. And remember , they were born completely ofthe APBT , naught else.

    The introduction of BSL into Australia could effectifley be blamed for the reason of the APBT being called a BYB dog etc etc....
    But until then , papered dogs of some wonderful lines were being imported here.

    The shows were/are for the exact same reason as any pure breed dog show. For breeders to showcase good examples of the breed according the standard. Yes,the APBT has a Standard.

    Now , as we're going deeper into things perhaps around here I should stop pertaining to them as American Pit Bull Terriers ( just to add some more *brain splat* into the mix - I like that term) because we must remember the breed originated in the UK. I will not say England and I will not say Ireland as there is still some dissent over this little bit amongst some ranks.

    The dogs were originally Bull and Terrier Dogs.See,the dogs were never bred intentionly for 'matching' in the very beginning , they were used for the sport of 'Bull Baiting' That sport eventually lost flavour with the masses. But then that leads us into thier unsavoury part of the history of Matching Dogs . Eventually arriving at the name Pit Bull Terrier.

    *to be continued*
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    Thanks guys. Not too much brain splat...

    Occy - maybe you've only heard of Amstaffs in the last few years as people refer to them more and more that way to avoid BSL??? Maybe its the safer name, whether they're papered of not...

    Wot Wot? This thread has no rain of bullets yet... looks around suspiciously...

    And Mischief - PUPPIES!! Yay!!


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