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Thread: Can I Get a Tentative Breed Estimation on This Site ?

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    Smile Can I Get a Tentative Breed Estimation on This Site ?

    Hi all, I've had my 'Bitzer' for many years and love her to pieces, and would like a few experts to eye-ball some pics and hazard some guesses as to what breeds she might be comprised of. Is this appropriate for this website/ how might I go about doing so ?

    PS. My guess is there's a lot of kelpie in her, but beyond that I'm struggling; has some aspects of an alsation, but seems way too small ?

    Cheers, Owen

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    Hi Owen,
    you can either put in a link from photobucket or attach an image by clicking on attachments and uploading from your PC

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    OK I'll try linking a few pics from photo-bucket, hope it works
    If so see pics attached, and any guestimates as to breeds appreciated. Re temperament, she is a very calm, clever an loyal dog. Used to exhibit quite profound 'separation anxiety' (constant whining etc) when left alone, for the first couple of years that I owned her, but this slowly dissipated over time / now she's totally secure. A perfect dog in every way, would love to know what breeds are in there !

    Cheers, Owen

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    An old mate of our had a long haired sheep dog just like her, I am nor sure what breeds were in him, mostly kelpie though.

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    I know a few simalar looking workdogs & they are genrally a mix of border collie & kelpie & a little cattle dog blood as well. 1 that I knew well was out of a bc/k bitch by a acd/huntaway dog too.
    Lovely dog anyways.
    Dogs make everyday life enjoyable...........

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    She is gorgeous - I would also go for a mix of working dogs. Could also be some GSD in there.

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    She is a stunning dog.

    I too would say lots of kelpie with a dash of GSD. She might even have a little ACD in her also.

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    Beautifull looking animal Owen .....Her nature & appearance are magic.

    The 1st & 3rd photos are deceiving in colour, I was initially thinking some red kelpie but the other two are more black & tan, esp the nose.

    Perhaps Collie, Kelpie and a bit of German Shepherd?

    Plus a touch of Maltese if that's her pup

    ... Jade ...

    Aha yeah me too! wee wee or pee pee and poo poo's or poopie

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    I'd guess blue healer X German Shepard

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    Hi there,
    you lovely dog has the same characteristics as our old girl Kasey, and she is supposedly Border Collie x Kelpie, but all the vets that have seen her are sure she has some German Shepard in her. she also has a really thick almost double coat, long hair around her face, backs of her legs and tail so I think she does as well. she has the most lovely nature, and kind eyes like your dog. I don't have any body shot photo's of her on this computer, but she looks exactly like your girl does in the second and last photo. so i don't know if this helps or not, but i would defintely guess Border Collie x Kelpie.She looks like a wonderful dog
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