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Thread: Should Michael Vick Be Allowed to Own a Dog Again?

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    Question Should Michael Vick Be Allowed to Own a Dog Again?

    I at first would have said no way are you mad but I am now totaly unsure of what I think is right in this particular situation.
    I have attched 2 links I have been reading about it & would love to hear others thoughts after reading the links.
    Michael Vick's Speaking Events : The Humane Society of the United States
    Why I Want To Be Michael Vick's Dog Trainer | Dog Star Daily

    Maybe some poeple would be better prepared to learn from him than some others on animal cruelty issues??? Has me thinking anyway & is good food for thought.
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    To me if he can be that cruel to another living thing then there's definitely something wrong with him. So I would say no. He can say all the nice things he wants but all it takes is for the dog to do one thing that infuriates him and he will see it as the same thing: an object, a toy and not a living, breathing creature that is capable of the same feelings as us.

    My stance for anyone that abuses animals is that they should be banned from owning, and even being around, animals for life.

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    Yes that's what I thought too.
    But I can see that he would be a powerful role model for kids from bad homes & areas.
    But as you said also I worry that he must be very damaged man to do what he did & how dose anyone really know he's changed??
    What real rehab has he done to help him change so much?
    But what we're doing to educate people about cruelity is not reaching some communities & maybe he can is the only thing that has me wondering!!!!!
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    I generally believe in second chances and rehabilitation. And since we do awful things to animals (both pets and livestock) I find it often difficult to point the finger.

    In this case I don't really see the need to rush to a decision though. He's been in prison for 18 months and has come out completely changed it seems. Let him do his talks for a little longer. Let's see how serious he is about animal rights and how willing he is to engage beyond beautiful words. No need to rush ...

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    Very good point...
    Watch & see seems safer than handing him a puppy on camara as I fear they are thinking of doing for publisity.
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    Yes, time will tell, it may well be that he has changed, people do, and it would be a shame to be judged forever over one horrible act I guess.
    I am sure if he were eventually given a dog he would be watched carefully too

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    Never never never!!

    He did harm to too many dogs.

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    Seen the footage of what he way should he be able to own another animal.

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    Never heard of the bloke till today.

    Did a google & found Michael Vick - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Just read the following snippet from that site....

    "As the separate state and federal investigations progressed, more and more details of the operations of an interstate dog fighting ring were revealed, with some portions involving drugs and gambling. Gruesome details involving abuse, torture and execution of under-performing dogs"

    Reformed my a r s e

    He is a callous & greedy wolf in sheep's clothing
    ... Jade ...

    Aha yeah me too! wee wee or pee pee and poo poo's or poopie

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    You may be right there Chips.........
    Dogs make everyday life enjoyable...........

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