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    I am new to this and I think i tried posting a msg in the wrong spot before and can't find it anywhere, sooo i apologise in advance if it appears that i have 2 post the same!!

    I have a 10month old red kelpie who 95% of the time you would think butter could melt in her mouth lol. HOWEVER, with all the wet and rain we are having here she has decided she likes to dig... not massive holes just lots of little holes. Any ideas to stop this?

    She is not bored i don't think because I also have a dalmatian and they play, play and play some more then add some sleep in there!! She gets plenty of attention, they are practically only outside while we are at work and live inside the rest of the time, dog dog lets them come and go as they please... yes spoilt much !!! :-)

    Thanks in advance :-)

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    How much time do you spend taking kelpie for walks in new places where she can sniff the smells, and get some mental work?

    Some dogs just like digging so you may want to set aside a place that's ok for digging and teach her it's ok to dig there - ie encourage and reward digging there - and discourage digging elsewhere - by calling her to the ok to dig spot.

    From time to time - hide something good in the dig spot like bones or toys.

    A dog could easily get bored in the time that you're at work. Is that when she is digging or only when you're at home?

    When I go to the beach with my dog we occasionally have a digging session - I dig and she helps then she digs and I help. I try to make sure it happens right on the edge of the water so the hole doesn't stay long because she's quick to dig a hole to her arm pits or deeper. So much fun. Good for claw trimming too.

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    My Collie was digging flat out, doesnt really do it anymore because every time she did it I sprayed her with water and she doesnt like that. She stopped soon enough.

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    Digging, especially in a Kelpie would be boredom. They need so much physical and mental stimulation.
    I think an hour walk everyday will see her stop digging significantly.
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    I don't walk her enough as I should outside our yard. I play ball with her everyafternoon and take her on small runs but not every day. I wasn't sure if she was old enough to be running yet, ie bones strong enough?

    She digs mainy when we are not home; however i did catch her twice on the weekend doing it right in front of me.

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    All the advise you have had is good, but we had one very obedient working dog Kelpie, so not bored, who always had to dig a hole. he used to like lying in it with just his ears and a little eye showing. Hubby used to cal him little dingo ba...t. We allowed him to dig in a certain spot and that is where he kept his "hole". Digging in itself is gratifying, but also done for some reasons, like coolness or hiding (which is what we think Nugget did.
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    My bf's dad made a little sandpit for his dog (14 y.o lab who's still full of energy) and the boy loves it, stopped him from digging in the vegie patch. You can always try something like that in your yard but first try walking your dog more often and see if that helps.

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    My ACDs always dig. It looks like they are excavating a wine cellar underneath their shed.
    Their digging doesn't matter to us at all but we are on a farm, not in town.

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    My dogs have digging areas, a sandpit & under a hedge which I have encouraged them to dig. It isn't 100% but I have alot less ankle breakers in the grass & tunnels in the gardens, lol.
    Kelpies really need to get out & about & use their brains or it will get worse than just digging.

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    She does like lyeing in the dirt that she has dug, we have always thought it must be cooler for her. We call her the tuckerbox dog as she sits/sleeps/stands on TOP of her kennel.. She loves being able to see whats coming and going down the street.

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