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Thread: Intersting Article on What It Takes to Set a Type in Breeds.

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    This thread reminds me, I saw a gorgeous dog today that was about labrador size, in black, but with say a GR coat and the build and face shape of a borzoi.

    It was really a very pretty dog.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hyacinth View Post
    That's if the governments that bring in these laws bother enforcing them. There are still plenty of people advertising "pitbulls for sale" in states were pitbull breeding and selling is illegal. Our government / council doesn't even enforce or check if dogs are registered unless the ranger is having a bad day. And then he will pick on one dog.
    Quite so Hyacinth, many will not bother to police laws, but, people, the buyers of faulty pups will and as word gets out that breeders with a number have to be responsible for what they sell, people will take action and BYB will not be so attractive once a few have Fair Trading on their tails.

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    I agree the doodle craze will run it's course & soon.
    I have no probs with a Poodle x Maltesse but thats what it is not a Maltipoo & not a money making machine.
    I'm off to check out the links you guys have put up on this thread, back after some reading, lol.................

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nattylou View Post
    Not too funny, there is a "breeder" in the US breeding "Salukidoodles".

    You guessed it, saluki / poodles. Apparently this breeder couldn't purchase a saluki to create these puppies within the US as the breed community found out what was planned. No worries, they just imported one from Qatar.

    Woeful. XanaDude Female & Pups

    They breed a whole range of Doodles, and talk about "Doodledom"???? Cripes. Check out their site - it has paypal buttons for ordering puppies! And the "Guardian Home" deal where they retain breeding rights to pups?! I don't know whether to laugh or cry...

    Well I'll be I'd never thought you'd sell your pups to owners you've never even talked to just because they're willing to hit a paypal button.
    Poodles are litte hunters & I am glad mine aren't fast enough to catch what they chase but mix in some hound & imagine the mess.........................
    You know that site is stuff of nightmares as besides EVERY thing else how can you breed so many breeds well.

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