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Thread: Funny Things Your Dogs Do

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    Miss Tea Addict, I have one of those shaggy rugs in white in my room and nearly every dog that has come through has weed on it. I think they look at it, feel it on their paws and go, 'hot damn, it's cashmere grass'.

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    My dad looked after my dog today as my partner has been in hospital and I didnt want to have her locked inside all day. She has never seen a lawn mower before and when dad was mowing the lawns she was trying to bite the wheels. Also he has a cat statue in his garden, apprantly she spent about an hour barking and growling at it. (She doesnt like cats). At home just as we get into bed she goes nutty, she jumps on the bed then straight off runs out round the house then comes flying back in, all the while growling at herself. This can go on for 10 minutes. Nothing tires her out I swear.

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