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Thread: Crate Choice?

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    Hey Box,

    Im not sure exactly how much it weighs, they are fairly heavy but I can lift in on my own, wouldn't carry it far though. Good and strong though.

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    Soft sided are much lighter but you need to start with a mesh one until the dog learns

    And then you can play crate games with two...

    Susan Garrett's Crate Games

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    My mum has a Dane sized wire crate. I will ask her where she got it from tomorrow.
    She had a heck of a time finding a large enough one, they are very hard to come across! The ones you see for sale on pet sites are usually too small.

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    Nah the ones off that site are very decent sized. I have one and it is massive for Phoenix it will always too big even when she is fully grown and that one I linked to is 6 inches bigger than mine. Should definitely do the job.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Keira & Phoenix View Post
    WE OFFER NOW NEW 54" COLLAPSIBLE DOG CAGE CRATE NOT 48" (eBay item 150505840384 end time 10-Jan-11 22:55:02 AEDST) : Home

    This is where I got mine from. 54" should be heaps big enough for her full grown, it does state Great Dane. Its collapsible and comes with a divider anyways.
    Thats just like mine but mine are a size bigger 56" I think.......

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