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Thread: Kids Magazines Promoting "designer Breeds"

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    Thumbs down Kids Magazines Promoting "designer Breeds"

    I recently noticed a magazine at my local Coles called "Pets". The past issues that I've seen never caught my eye before as they just seemed like another cutesy kids magazine. Today however I read the cover and saw the feature article "10 years of the Beaglier". The cover picture is also of some cute looking "Beaglier" puppies to further get the kids interested. By picking up the magazine briefly it does not seem to mention anything about puppy farms or bybs, it just tries to suck kids in with cute puppy pictures.

    How do the rest of you feel about kids magazines glamourising "designer breeds"? I personally think that it's unbelievable that the magazine's publisher can claim that it's key issues include animal welfare and health when it's shamefully promoting breeds that come from puppy farms and backyard breeders.
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    Two words: Bloody Shameful

    And don't get me started on Beagles as pets. Yes, they are cute. They may be the cutest puppies on the planet. But they are far from suitable as family pets (as are many other breeds but I find none of those are as popular as Beagles or the Beagle X designer breeds. Next pet owner who comes to me and says "My Beagle barks, digs and follows food to the ends of the earth... please change him/her" gets The Look!

    Media has such power to make change... yet they irresponsibly promote without thinking.


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    I actually have quite a few of these magazines. They usually only promote pure bred dogs, but one of the magazines i have has a section on the Pugalier! And i have to say, it does annoy me how they do this!

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    I think any pet advertising in kids mags is wrong.
    Have no issues with cross breeds, can see some benifits & no issue with honest advertising of them.
    What I have an issue with is their is no such breed so is false advertising at the very start, it takes alot longer than a decade to breed a type true enough consistantly enough to be any where near raedy to be called a breed.
    Most of todays so called pure breeds are the result of deadecated cross breeders fixing a type & comitting themselves to a lifetime of getting it right & to be able to predict the outcomes of litters generations in advance. It takes alot more to have a certain look breed true consistantly & there is no way the breeders I have meet of these recently popular x's are all on the same page enough or even have anywhere near the genitic knowledge to fix a type in a lifetime nevermind 10yrs.
    It is false advertising, unethical to push any pets on children & just another attemp to cash in on these poor so called designer breeds.
    Well thats my opinion, sorry if i have offended anyone.

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    Not even going there.

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    Mum can I have a Beagalier, Mum can I have a Beagalier, Mum can I have a Beagalier, Mum can I have a Beagalier, Mum can I have a Beagalier, Mum can I have a Beagalier, Mum can I have a Beagalier, Mum can I have a Beagalier, Mum can I have a Beagalier, Mum can I have a Beagalier, Mum can I have a Beagalier, Mum can I have a Beagalier, Mum can I have a Beagalier, Mum can I have a Beagalier, Mum can I have a Beagalier, Mum can I have a Beagalier, Mum can I have a Beagalier, Mum can I have a Beagalier.

    Yes fine dear, you can have a Beagalier.


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    It's not the fact they are promoting cross breeds to me.

    Its the fact they are promoting pets in a childrens magazine. So children will constantly nag their parents for a pet (as above post shows) and eventually tired parents will decide the child is ready, get a pet, then when the kid loses interest the poor pet suffer while is it shafted off to the first home who shows any interest or the local shelter.

    My daughter is 11 and has grown up with dogs and has repeatedly requested a dog of her own and I still refuse. At the end of the day she will leave home in a few (well nto too few) years and go off to uni or flatting and I will be left with the much wanted dog that was hers.

    That may not be the case, and we would be prepared to keep the dog, she may take it and be a fab owner...but I just wouldnt do it. other parents would and its the dogs who suffe rin the end,

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    PETS is an exciting magazine for kids and families who love their pets and want to learn more about responsible pet ownership. The magazine features articles on dog and cat breeds as well as birds, fish, rabbits, mice, guinea pigs, horses, reptiles, native wildlife and exotic creatures.

    The publication showcases the latest information on nutrition, grooming, training and animal welfare. Regular sections include Pet News, Me And My Pet, How To, Around The World, Freebies, Reviews, Ask Your Vet, Train Your Pet, as well as competitions, posters, puzzles and more. PETS magazine gives readers of all ages an in-depth look into the animal world.
    It goes against its description in the first line.. I think knowing where your dog comes from counts as this Responsible Pet ownership..

    There is no "website" for the mag, but it has a fb Page-
    PETS covers | Facebook

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    See, the problem is that 90% of the rest of the population don't see anything wrong with "designer-puppies" or any other cross breed. I don't bother getting angry about these types of things any more because it's just not worth getting angry about. There are other ways I can help instead of wasting my energy getting angry over a kid's pet magazine =)

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    *shakes head*

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