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    Today I put some food in my dogs bowl and it looks like some tiny caterpillar type bugs are eating it too, i smashed the food around heaps to kill any of the c***s but I was wondering if the dog'll get sick and I should throw it out or is it okay to eat a few bugs?

    I left the bag outside which I wont do from now on, or in summer atleast. of course its a new big bag of the most expensive food
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    Have you tasted one of the caterpillars? The loud easy to see coloured ones are horrible (birds won't eat them) but the green ones are fairly bland or slightly sweet.

    Millipedes do not taste good (going by all the things that won't eat them).

    Weevils are not nice but are pretty harmless to eat. They look a little bit like maggots.

    I bought two large plastic food grade tubs to put my dog food in. Keeps the dog, mice, and bugs out.

    20Lt Industrial Quality Plastic Food Grade Round Pails or Buckets with Lid and other Materials Handling Equipment in Sydney, NSW, Australia

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    They look dark brown, small like babies. They walk like millipedes or whatever but have spikes like a caterpillar. Small like a big maggot.

    Thanks for the container idea, I will do that.

    You changed a life today, enjoy yourself.

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    sounds abit like a weezile varity & they r harmless.............

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    Hi Tom1000

    I don't know what they are. If you felt like it - you could put them out and see if birds or wasps take them. Suspect the colour is to match the dog food...some of them do that.

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    Are these insects or what tastes good?

    border collie
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