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Thread: Dog Attack - ANGRY!

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    Absolutely agree with the person who said something along the lines of it being good it was a lab because people need to understand all dogs can bite.

    Also agree with hyacinth, our daughter can do anything with our dogs but she was not allowed to be left alone with them when eating. Bit different now that she is 11 and it is her job to feed them but she is still aware of the rules (i.e. dogs must be fed apart and she is not to hover round their bowls - she usually jumps on the tramp while they are eating).

    If I hadnt worked with my dogs on this though (and still do it every few days) I would not feel comfortable with her feeding them now still.

    I guess some people wouldnt allow an 11 year old to feed them but we do.

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    So glad to see so many people had the same reaction as me to this news story I was soooo outraged but I was at work so couldn't rant to anyone hence the reason I posted it on here!!!

    Wish there was some way of finding out what happened to the dog.

    GRRR at that commenter on the news website who said the dog should be PTS. People are so blind as someone said if it was a human reacting in self defense it would be ok no one would say put him to sleep its bulls**t.

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    Poor girl & poor Dog. I hate seeing stories like this that are so clearly preventable.

    Quote Originally Posted by MissTeaAddict View Post
    I'm a lab lover here and I completely understand what you mean. Any breed is capable of bad behaviour and aggression. Maybe now people will realise that not every dog attack involves a pitbull or a rotti.
    As bad as it sounds I'm glad the stories like this get into the news for the quoted reason. I'm sure we won't hear much more about this story, yet if it had been a Pit Bull or 'dangerous" attack, no doubt there would be major uproar, garnished stories and stock Aggressive pitbull photos attached.. :sigh:

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    poor dog & child.............
    I truely beleive no child should be near any animals whilst they eat but I don't think it's accepatable & all my dogs can have anything from raw meat to bones taken directly out of their mouths by any family member.

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    Sharoo you're exactly right. If it was a pit bull or amstaff then there would be pages of news and it would be a top story.

    Everyone keep an eye out for any news on the dog and how the girl is going Her parents are probably beating themselves up over it. Something so simple that could have been prevented.

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    I have tried searching today for further news but nothing. In a few other stories it elaborated and said something like the dogs fate has not been decided but it will probably be put to sleep.

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