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    Dumb thoughts time

    Perhaps go back to the beginning. Surely the original owner must have more info for you. Or perhaps other buyers have a similar situation.

    How were the other pups & parents? When did it start? Did they consult a vet (request details). Stressors. Kennel conditions at that period etc etc.

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    Sometimes baldness can be caused my thyroid issues. You can ask your vet for a full blood panel (some vets only test for some types of thyroid issues, not ALL - you want a full test!).

    If she has been on dry food all her life, she is likely to have always had grains in her diet. You could try not having grains anymore. Corn is a common allergen in dogs.

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    we had an aussie terror that needed to be wiped down with a spongeful of malathion to get rid of the grass mites or something. Any time we went for a walk in long grass.

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