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Thread: No, of Course I Don't Know About My Own Dog...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crested_Love View Post
    The only time I don't mind people just patting my dogs is at the dog park.
    I choose to let them off leash so I know people will just go to pat them.

    If they are on leash I expect to be asked first and surprisingly I haven't had much trouble.
    People are usually intrigued by the Crested but they never just run up and start petting they usually start chatting about the breed first then ask to pet him, or at worst, hold their hand out for him to sniff. We have been lucky.
    Maybe it's because of small dogs bad reputations for biting? Not sure, but Cyrus adores people.
    There are always questions you get sick of answering but I have to try and remember that people are curious and not to get snippy (unlike my mum with her 'put a saddle on it' Great Danes lol)
    The regular questions for Cresteds are Do you shave them? and Do you need to put sunscreen on them? Throw in a little 'Bet you have a lot of doggy jackets' and you have the trifecta
    People are so predictable in their respondse to my TM's also, wow the red dog(Bubba) looks like a bear, it must cost a fortune to feed them, wow who's leading who(not that they pull it's just about their size) & bet they like the aircon or how do they handle the heat, lol............

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    Quote Originally Posted by newfsie View Post
    It is rather rude of people to tell you what breed you own. i get that all the time. I don't even reply anymore. As to wether I have a large Labrador a black golden, a Saint bernard or a mountain dog. i know and people who care know. i do answer people who ask, what breed are they, because they ask and want to know, don't mind that.
    As to interfering with my dogs.........Never, as I said, we have a look
    I am in my early 20's and I get people coming up and telling about the breed of dog I have all the time. I just agree... but it is so annoying! I know about my breed, otherwise I wouldn't have got one.
    And because I have a ACD I always get people comparing my dogs breed with bad experiences they have had or heard with other dogs of the same breed. I sometimes correct people and mention that its not just about the breed, a dog can also say alot about its owner and some people just role their eyes at me and say "You'll see when he grows up".

    I grew up with ACD as a kid and they were the most friendly dogs... yes mindful of strangers but never aggressive.

    Some people are just so rude!
    I would never just walk up and start patting someone elses dog without permission!
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    Oi Crested, what does your mum say when she gets the horse comments? I needa stock up for when Lacey gets bigger And check this out - It's a Great Dane (on Black) Dark T-Shirt - CafePress Australia

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    I love it boxerini

    Oh you will get all of the ones on that t-shirt, start working on your witty comebacks now!

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    There great Boxerini !
    I have been having a look at the ACD ones... will definitely have to get one!

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    Yeah, they're great aren't they I'm gonna put one on Lacey when she is all grown up whenever I take her out

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    Haha LOVE IT BOX!!

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