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Thread: Nicknames for Your Dog.

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    Default Nicknames for Your Dog.

    Obviously dogs have names, but do they have nicknames? And do they respond to the nicknames?

    Some of our dogs nicknames are below and they all respond(ed) to them:

    Chevy (RIP): "Muppet", "Pretty girl"

    Lennox (RIP): "Nennox" (sound same as name so duh) and this one sound mean but was meant with love "prick features" (I am not really sure how he got that particular nick name lol

    Barney: "Bum bum" (thats his most popular nickname) and "Son" (yes I am a loser and call him that often). My OH calls him Bernie. The people at the SPCA we got him from call him "Barnacles" when he used to visit

    Pippi: "Little Lady", "Pipster", "Lillle Miss", "ratbag" and the people at the vet call her "little dollop of evil" (I usually call her by her name or "little lady". My OH calls her "Fifi", not sure why he calls her that but that is their special name. My mums hubby calls her "Pippins" (she has really taken a liking to him and has cuddles with him all the time)

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    We call Katy, Katy-bear or just Bear a lot....She knows things are good, when it is bear.
    And Tessa, Contessa, heavens know why we lengthen a name. But she listens to it.
    Annabelle will only listen to Annabelle or Annabella. We are not allowed to abbreviate her ladyships name

    One of our previous newf's was Zack and we called him Zacky T (as for our surname) which became Mr T and he loved that name.
    Another newfie was Abbey, which became Miss Yabby. And our rough Collie, Cody was always known as Puppy. Maybe because she was so small amongst the Giants.
    Another newf was Josh and we called him Josh the Fog (fog horn bark), which became Joshafog.....I am noticing a trend here. we make long names out of short ones LOL
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    Pretty girl gets shortened to Pretty.
    Bandit gets Bandi and Bandicoot.
    Jodi gets Jodes.

    All answer to their different names.

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    My brother had a hissy fit because my dog kept trying to lick him. She loves him to death and gets loads of attention from him for licking.

    Anyway, he finally snapped and told her "NO" like I never do, and raised a fist, and she rolled over, paws in the air, and went all limp. She was still wiggly waggy pleased to see him - weird.

    Anyway I tried to pick her up but she was still all floppy, he said it was like trying to pick up custard with your fingers. So we called her "Custard" for the rest of the evening and and she answered to it.

    I'm afraid we also kacked ourselves laughing. It wasn't nice but it was so funny.

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    Chookie (s/tzu)-we call him Pretty Boy (naturally) or Mama's Boy
    Hauser (minis)-Stomach at home for the obvious reason and Policedog at the dog park as he is trying to enforce orders amongst

    I know this is for dog but my cat Nabi's nick name is Super model from a friend as she is really pretty and behaves/moves/poses that way all the time.
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    Maggie gets moo bear, moogie, magalina, ting tong, leenie.

    Zac gets Zacky Boy, Zacarooni

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    Isaac gets called zac
    Keah gets kiki (keah's my grandparents dog)
    My dog is my best friend and helps me though those hard days.

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    Well my 5mth TM boy's real name is Bear(Zenskar Bubba's Black Bear) but he gets fatty because he is & Pearl gets Pearla & Pearly Whirly, Ling gets Ring a Ding,Lingo & The Mouth, Bella gets Bella Wella & Bella Baby, Chucky gets Chuckster & Chucky Yucky & Milly get's Nutta & Black Bitch, lol. So really only Bubba & Jack are the only dogs here that don't have a nickname, although Bubba gets reffered to as King Bubba.
    Funny you'd think we'd confuse them with all our silly pet names & nicknames but all my dogs know exactly who I mean no matter which name I choose to use for them at the time.
    And like others have said they generally know they're in trouble when called certain names, lol.

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    Daisy(RIP)Was called Little D when a puppy and because she did not grow to the expected size was Little D rather than Big D when she grew up!

    Roxy is Big R or Sweetheart.

    Dexter is Muppet,Wally or Boofhead and answers to everything!

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    Villain gets "Villi", "Vill", "VJ", "Villi Bob", "Villi Willy", "Vilza", "Fur Face" and "Humphrey"... He answers to all, and is ONLY called "Villain" at training or if I give a command (especially the recall). He knows that is serious time, all else is just fun stuff.

    Flirtt gets "Flirtty Purty", "Fartty", "Little One", "Chicken", "Floozy", "Waggy Puppy" and "Lauren"... same deal as Vill, real name only for when I absolutely want her undivided attention.

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