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Thread: Crufts 2010

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    I have been trying to track down an old standard but can't seem to find one online.

    Lets just say we are both right until one of us manages to find that elusive old standard!

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    lol deal..............

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    Hey Choppa,

    I loved the Pharaoh as well. What an absolutely gorgeous dog and it looked quite happy as well.

    I am actually considering getting a puebred in the future (couple years) that dog just made such an impression on me. But will obviously do some research first and meet a few!

    Wish they showed more of the agility etc.

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    Found this in the the news: British dog show demands health checks

    I wonder how extensive these health tests will be and what kind of problems would disqualify a dog?

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    Not a bad start but I'd rather 3 independant vets & some gentic faults cann't be seen by the naked eye. I think they should also have to have full testing for any known gentic faults within the said breed.
    At least they are starting to getting it now but I do worry the animal lib peoples will manage to stop breeding to an exstent that our gene pools will be demolished.
    I just finished reading a link about how alot of the not as popular breeds reg numbers are declining at an astonshing rate.

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