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Thread: New Breeders Laws Coming

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    So what your saying really is heaps more red tape, rules & yet another fee for the ones like myself who occasionaly breeds a litter(generally for myself, close friends & family)& already gives best care & all approtite needles, chips & vet care plus after sale care & rehoming. But no real outcome for those poor bitches who are machine breed in appualling conitions other than maybe better after breeding life options. Ah ****, why is it always the way when I want to beleive it's because poeple actully do care but no it's again down to the money(money always seems to be the true bottem line).

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    I guess we need to wait for final draught to be sure Cd but notice what has been released so far just says 'breeders', the new Vic laws ( I think it was Vic not NSW?) state clearly, 'breeders with more than 12 breeders must register as a business, this QLD release is worded differently so must be interpreted differently, maybe it will be watered down between now and enactment but I doubt it, too much money involved.

    There is some good news for puppy farm dogs in it if it is policed, it is just not what the release makes out it is, a control of puppy farms, so far it is about control on ALL breeders.

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