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    I have 2 Maltese-x which i have had in my care for the last 3 years, they are 4 and 4 and a half. The oldest was recently sick, so received extra attention (emergency trips to the vet, antibiotics, etc). Since then, the younger, who is the more dominant, has become extremely jealous towards the other. Every time i pick up or pet the other dog, she growls aggressively, then attacks her, often going for the throat and tearing hair. She sometimes acts the same way when i feed them, even though the are fed the same food at the same time. This is strange as she never acted like this in the last 3 years. It doesn't matter how much attention i give her, she still acts this way every time i give any attention to the other dog? I know it's not the right thing to do, but the only way i can calm her down is to punish her by smacking her on the nose and putting her outside (which probably only fuels her jealously/dominance issue). Help!

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    Hi Carl

    I wouldn't bother with the smack on the nose or any scolding. I'd just pick her up and put her out or in a crate immediately but give her no other attention at all, ie no talking to her or eye contact etc.

    But I'd also try to get her more comfortable in the presence of the other dog. Ie with loads of roast chicken, in a situation where she'd consider attacking, before she starts to show the signs, feed her roast chicken pieces - as fast as you can for a few minutes.

    I'd also consider crate training both dogs and only handling one while the other was in their crate. Have separate crates for each dog. Don't put them in the same crate together.

    Feed them separately in their locked crates - so that the aggressive one cannot attack the other or steal its food.

    If you don't have crates, use separate rooms in the house. But crates are cheap and dogs, once trained, love them like their own personal little house. For a maltese - a soft sided crate should do the job.

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    I have a 2 mattesse x & 3 poodles & I have had this issue when Milly broke both her front legs as a pup, only dif is it was the sick dog who turned into the agresser when better. And all that seemed to fix it was to walk the 2 [Milly had picked 1 other bitch to pick on] together, car travel together & generally make these 2 being together a fun thing for Milly. I also reccommend crate training as that was where Milly went for 20mins everytime she even thought of starting. You have to get good at spotting when it's going to start & stop it before it dose. I find the longer they go without a fight the more likely it's over & the more not fighting becomes the norm.
    Also untill it is under control do not try & pat or share your attention with them in that way whilst thay are together.
    Also get some obedaince training into the aggresser so they will listen to you.

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    With regard to crate training which I use, I have never used for punishment.
    I usually give them time out outside, also ignoring and no attention.

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    Quote Originally Posted by molly33 View Post
    With regard to crate training which I use, I have never used for punishment.
    I usually give them time out outside, also ignoring and no attention.
    Yes this is true & our dogs all have their own crates & then there is the punishment crate which is out on the veradah whereas their crates are inside. Their crates have beds & toys whereas punihment crate has nothing. But never for too long either.
    My dogs will choose to go to their crates often yet no one asked to go in the veradah crate.

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    Thanks for all your feedback guys!
    The fighting seems to be occurring less now, but obviously want to stop it.
    Hopefully just a phase, but will definitely take all your advise on board.


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