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Thread: Vent! Silly People

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    Im sure if you put a sticker on her head that said 'Im a Pit Bull', that would keep people away
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    Quote Originally Posted by aussiemyf7 View Post
    Im sure if you put a sticker on her head that said 'Im a Pit Bull', that would keep people away
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    Im sure if you put a sticker on her head that said 'Im a Pit Bull', that would keep people away
    LOL. Well Phoenix practically is sooooo maybe as she grows up people won't go near her haha.

    Hy - Good idea didn't think of that mostly because I have never had this problem before there is that hindsight thing again
    She couldn't have actually accessed the car because it was locked and the windows were not far enough down to get the lock undone with your hand. But yeah wish I had yelled at her anyways.

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    I hate people like that. People with no common sense who are the first people to kick up a fuss about a dog nipping but they are the same people who dont teach their kids not to approach strange dogs.

    I went to Christmas in the Park one year with a friend and took my old girl Chevy. Chevy was about 6 months at the time (but looked like an adult) and she was the most placid dog ever (you could have given smacked her over the head with a shovel and she would just sit there - no I dont know from experience LOL). Anyway, we sat in a wee clearing so we werent too close to people. Chevy was a staffy/lab x but looked just muttly enough in the light that we had a few people give her a bit of a wide berth so we tried to stay away. I also kept her on a short leash. Anyway, I kinda heard something about a dog and turned round and some guy was pushing his two year old daughter at the dog. Before I could say anything the kids hand was on Chev's muzzle having a good "grab". Chev loved it but I couldnt resist and said to the guy "lucky shes not a biter because your kid would have been bitten then". He gave me a foul look and whipped his kid away LOL.

    We don't have any issues like that with Barney as he is big and boofy enough that people arent sure whether he is friendly or not so people when walking tend to give us a wide berth, or stand well away and when he is in the car, if his head is out, people really move away LOL.

    Pippi is a different matter though...everyone wants to touch her and if we are standing there (with Pippi on a lead) people will whistle or call her trying to get her over or they will just come up and crouch down and stick their face in hers. Luckily she loves the attention and goes all wriggly like a wee pup but it does annoy the **** out of me.

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    The stupidity of people continues to amaze me... I probably shouldn't be so surprised anymore, but clearly I am a slow learner...!

    It drives me nuts the number of people who just come over and grab my dogs, or the ones who push their kids onto the dogs.... or the ones who just come over with their own dog to "just say hi" without asking! My Villain has great manners, but my Flirtt can be a bit of a dominating bossy b***h..... and which dog do they go for? Flirtt, of course, because Villain is "big and scary"! (Head smack)

    I'm on the verge of buying harnesses with patches on that say "Please ask to pet"... which wouldn't have helped you, K&P...... In your situation, I would have popped in my plastic window vent thingy in which allows the window to be down, but blocks hands coming in and snouts going out. I bought them for that specific reason (when I had my wolfhound, if I ever left him in the car even for 2 minutes, I'd return to a crowd groping at him)... now both dogs travel in crates, but I like the added security of the vent thing.

    Even so, one would think that you could leave your dog in your private property (ie your car) and not have some idiot trespass and put themselves and your dogs at risk. I'd have given her a mouthful, too, but that's because I'm not known for being especially polite with morons :-)
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    Lala - I love when you make comments like that, people look at you and your dog like your evil rather than acknowledging that your right and appreciating the fact your dog isn't a biter. Ridiculous.

    V&F - Yes I will be investing in a plastic window vent now for any future situations. I am surprised people come up to your Dobes people tend to be wary of them. They were my very favourite breed when I was a kid and would still love to have one. A family friend actually had a gorgeous girl who I loved many years ago.

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