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Thread: Rare Dog Breeds!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    cool dogs hay.............

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    Xoloaus, Xoloitzcuintle, Bunbury, WA, Australia
    xolo Mexain Hairless Australian breeder & first to import the breed.

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    Does my breed count as rare?
    We get comments every time we go for a walk even though they are a lot more popular these days.

    I love love love Xolos, beautiful dogs.

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    Well they are diffently not commen, lol..............
    What are cresties temperment like are they lap dogs or too busy like my poodles to ba a lap dog. I think they are very cute either way.

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    I swear they are not dogs, more like a kitten crossed with a monkey

    The only dog like thing they do is bark.

    They are excellent climbers, puppy pens are useless as they have climbed over the side faster than you can put them in there!

    They are fiercely loyal to their owners. Cyrus isn't overly affectionate, he rarely gives kisses and would rather snuggle in his own bed than on your lap but if you go away he gets very upset, he likes to know you are nearby.

    They are also borderline psychotic when they have a burst of energy.

    I'm now a Crested owner for life, they are just great little dogs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by aussiemyf7 View Post
    Please don't take this offensively Nat, but the Chortaj looks just like a Greyhound to me
    But I quite like the Stepnoi, it looks likes a Saluki

    But thats to the eyes of a Hound beginner of course
    It's all in the origins etc Myf. The Chortaj is an ancient peasant's hunting hound from Russia. The Greyhound is a fairly modern English version of that same type of sighthound. But Chortaj are still hunting dogs, whereas greyhounds are sporting dogs, bred for speed only. They are actually found to be quite fragile if taken hunting, their extra fine skin is great for cooling after fast sprints, but shreds in contact with sticks or similar. Their feet don't withstand rough ground etc.

    So the Grey is a very modern specalised version which is dervied from several ancient sighthound types - including saluki, sloughi, magyar agar, chart polski etc. So they share a similar appearance, as do the galgo espanol.

    Try looking up Taigan / Afghan hound / Bahkmull and you'll see that they all look pretty similar too. But all ancient breeds with separate origins. Well... probably similar origins when you look far enough back. But all breeds diverge from common ancestors.

    Hang on, I'll run off and find some pics... we're running a little short of them in here!!
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    Right. Try these:

    Hooray for photos!!! Does anyone know which is which though??

    Big hint... the Bakhmull is thought to be an ancestor of today's Golden Retriever...

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    I'm guessing the Bakhmull is the second breed there? If so they are GORGEOUS!
    That face is just beautiful.

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    That's them Crested. They do have lovely faces don't they?

    They also have the charateristic long back with the slight dip behind the withers which is different to the Afghan and Taigan, and shows up in the Golden.

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    Woohoo, sighthounds..... *drool*

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