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Thread: So Tell Me What Everyone Here Do Socaily with Their Dogs?????

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    PM sent, I'm getting OT again

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    We do conformation (showing), obedience, tracking, and earthdog. On a less official level, we do doggy dancing and agility.

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    We go to shows, which they all love, but the boys especially. The girls seem to like going just 'cause they get to hang out with us all day - the boys are social butterflies and want to meet and greet everybody.

    Mine don't like strange dogs so we don't do dog parks etc. I have found over the years that sighthounds in general seem to have a more acute awareness of their personal space than other dogs, and they hate strangers coming and getting right up in their face - or worse, up behind them where they can't see them. They especially hate feeing cornered or crowded by dogs - people are ok.

    In winter (cool weather and no snakes!) we do lure coursing which is great fun. Or we have a few places where they can go and chase rabbits which is their very favourite - again in off snake season only!

    They go to the local oval most days so they can have a good gallop. They're very pack oriented and prefer their own pack socialising than mixing with other dogs.

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