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Thread: Do Dogs Get Lonely and Are 2 Better Than One?

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    Default Do Dogs Get Lonely and Are 2 Better Than One?

    What is the general consensus in relation to whether dogs get lonely on their own at home during the day? If the answer is yes, are two dogs better than one and can an elderly dog cope with a puppy?

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    It depends on the dog.

    Some dogs - especially elderly dogs - prefer being on their own and having their owners attention all to themselves. Some cattle dogs and many terriers can be like this. Have also met an Italian Greyhound who prefers to be an only dog.

    When considering getting two dogs - only get a second dog when the first one is well mannered and behaves in a way acceptable to you because it will certainly teach a younger dog everything it knows - including every obnoxious behavior along with some of the good ones. I would never get a second dog just to keep a first dog company.

    I would get a second dog when I was ready to dedicate the appropriate amount of effort to looking after it and only after my first dog was completely right (recall? now! not later!).

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    Yes it does depend on the dog. My 5 yr old ACD was simply outraged when I introduce another dog. She never quite forgave me. There was no problem with the other dog, just a little spark in our bond died slightly.

    When my mums whippet lost his companion, he howled everyday from grief and we had to get another pup and then all was good.

    I would never advise getting two pups together. I am there at the moment due to a rescue situation and I have to work three times as hard.

    None of my dogs would care less if the others dissapeared overnight. They would prefer to have me all to them selves.

    One of my dogs was 10 when I introduced a puppy and she was delighted, played like a youngster. This again will depend on the older dog and the puppy. If the older dog has pain and the youngster is mismatched in size and over the top, the old dog may suffer.
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