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Thread: An Interesting Follow on to Some Recent Threads

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    Oh wow. Id so get a lab if they looked like the dog from the UK!!! She looks healthy and fit an athletic! Im with you Myf i see way to many fat slobbery labs that come into the clinic and the majority of our labs are from the Assoc for the blind - there are way to many that have hip, elbow and eye problems and dont get me started on allergies and they are still passed and put through the course which really rubs me the wrong way. Thank god they are all desexed at 6 months.

    A lab was supposed to be a dog that goes and get game that has been shot by its owner right? i struggle to imagine the labs of today running to lug a duck or anything else along to its owner without either
    1. eating it because they only ever think of food
    2. slobbering all over it to the extent that it was no longer fit for consumption
    3. being completely distracted and ending up trying to eat butteflies or something

    Haha sorry to all you lab owners out there - some are nice dogs and alot of the lab crosses turn out to be nice dogs too. unfortunatley ive only been exposed to fat dumb slobbery ones. Just because they like food isnt an excuse for them to be fat either!

    I really like the pugs with the longer faces to - they look much nicer and i presume they would actually be able to sort of breath with out sounding like they are dying!

    And bassets these days are a bit ridiculous to, a dog that sways when it walks normally it just calling out to say help me my back is absolutely stuffed because my body is too heavy and too long and my legs just dont support me at all.. not to mention i keep tripping over my ears. Bassets use to be shorter, lighter framed with longer legs and normal size "floppy dog ears"

    I dislike that breeders breed to the extreme for a look or "type" that is actually something that will disadvantage the dog. Breed for temperament, longevity, health and of course NOT for looks!
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