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Thread: Elderly Golden - to Get a Puppy for Him

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    Default Elderly Golden - to Get a Puppy for Him

    We have a very special, beautiful male Golden called Hunter who is about 11 1/2 years old. We are contemplating getting a puppy (female golden) to keep him active and company.
    Does anyone have any experience with a large age difference?
    Hunter is in good health and still very much with us, just much slower these days, and naps more.

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    It really depends on your dog. If he's been alone all his life a new dog in a house can cause either depression or he might take it really well and enjoy her company. I suggest you try fostering a pup before and see how he feels. Pups are a handful, both for owners and old dogs.
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    We had adobe x bull terrier for 16 years. When she was bout 10 we got a chihuahua x terrier and it was the best thing we ever did. She played and had more energy, it made her puppy like again.
    If you've got the time and energy for a pup and aren't going to rely on Hunter keeping her entertained then I'd say go for it

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    Like Fedra says, it depends on your dog.
    It can definitely give them a new lease on life or he may not tolerate a bouncing pup in his face.
    Assuming you get one from a reputable breeder ( that dose health test on the breeding pair) You could have a chat to them and see if you could do a meet and greet or maybe they could choose one that's not so boisterous or Goldie rescue and get one a little older..just an idea.

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