Hey Choppa, I have found a few forums talking about EDBA but can't seem to find a link that works, and when I google nothing shows up. Do you have a link that might work? Thank you.

Hi Myf, Yeah he(she?) is gorgeous! I was trying to find pics that make them look cute and majestic not big and scary and I thought that one was fantastic!
No I didn't watch it, I didn't even know about the show at all :S. I don't watch a lot of TV and I have Foxtel so when I do its all mostly stuff I have taped so I don't see ads for new shows lol, also I watch lots of Ceser Millan, I love him he is fantastic! In saying this I am going to find it on the net and watch it!

Hi Crested, this is through Pistol, the prices start from $35 but once you start adding designs etc the price starts to go up. They were also the only one I could find who would sell you designs on line for you and they can then send any profits straight into a chosen bank account, so once I speak to someone I want to donate the money to I can just put their bank details down and the money will automatically go to them. But if anyone knows of another site who does this please let me know! If I can do them cheaper awesome!