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Thread: NEw Member Saying HI and Introducing My Doggies!

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    Smile NEw Member Saying HI and Introducing My Doggies!

    So I have been reading for a few days and recently joined, you may have noticed me posting a little bit around the place. I thought I would make formal introductions. My name is Lee, I am 22 (almost 23) living in Logan (mid way between Brissie and the Gold Coast) in QLD. I currently work as a Recuitment consultant and have for 4 years but want to pursue a career in Veterinary Nursing or something similar working with animals. I have in the past volunteered for the Animal Welfare League and RSPCA so I am very aware of the issues of "unwanted dogs/cats". I am happy to have found a group of like minded people to share stories and information with. I have 2 dogs and I will introduce them below with pictures!

    Keira my 3 yo Bullmastiff x Ridgeback X Bull Arab etc etc lol. Keira is a sweetie, small for her breed at around 30 kilos. Keira unfortunately has bad hip dysplasia and at 10 months old she had to have a luxating patella fixed. As a result Keira walks around swinging her butt, it looks pretty funny. She also recently recovered from a bout of Pancreatitis. Other than this Keira loves to chase water from the hose, she attends hydrotherapy and loves to swim and chase the balls in the water, she also likes chasing cats (my bad, unfortunately she was never really socialized with cats) she is a little over excitable and will still jump around like a crazy when she sees me. She loves anything that squeeks. She loves people (I think deep down she thinks she is a person) and she can be a bit silly in general. Here are some pictures of Keira puppy and adult.

    ANNDD Phoenix my new baby, 15 week old Amstaff X (Pittie whichever you prefer) she has green eyes, tan(fawn) colouring with tiger stripes(brindle lol) Phoenix is currently attending puppy school and is enrolled to do several other courses with our fantastic trainers Urban Dog Training. She is pretty smart and is learning very quickly. She is a bit spoilt and rotates between sleeping on my bed and sleeping in her crate. She LOVES chasing her tail, she can't get enough of it. She has recently discovered the joys of sticking her head out the car window and trying to eat the air. She is being socialized at puppy play school and she lives with 5 people, 4 cats and 2 other dogs oh and a bird, so she has lots of company (and will hopefully NOT chase cats!). We are still learning about each other but she is gorgeous both inside and out and I can tell she will be a lovely dog, I cant wait to see how she turns out but I don't want her to grow up . Phoenix pictures below!

    So that is that. Thank you for reading.

    Please introduce yourself and your dogs in the comments so I know who everyone is! Thanks

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    Cute, gorgeous dogs!!. I ADORE AmStaffs!.

    Haha, I don't live far from you!!.

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    I think you're gonna fit in really well
    We lost a lot of our regular members a few months ago due to a large dissagreement that I don't really understand, so hopefully we can recruit you as a regular!
    Keira is a cutie. How often do you go to hydrotherapy?

    Oh sorry, didn't introduce my dogs

    Roly is my first dog ever who I got for my 10th birthday from my parents. My family had no idea about BYBs and puppy mills, so Roly was bought from a pet shop. Im very lucky Roly has made it to the ripe old age of 12 with no genetic issues(besides his bowed legs). He's a Jack Russell X Maltese so he's obviously a mistake or the result of a PM.
    Our family adopted Lady from a shelter as a one year old. She was found running along a road with a collar. She was taken to the shelter but her owners never came forward to claim her. We assume she had outgrown her cute puppiness and was just a boisterous untrained nuisense. We had been told she was purebred Kelpie from the very beginning, but after talking to a breeder of both Kelpies and Border Collies it was decided she was Kelpie X BC. She's 8 and the most beautiful loyal dog, I love her. Her first owner would be kicking themself!
    Sorry about the novel, but any oppotunity to talk about my babies!
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    Gorgeous dogs! The doggie pfd is too cute.

    I have a cattle dog x, Ziggy.

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    Yay someone near by, I feel like most people on here are NSW or Vic. Nice to have another Queenslander!

    Thats sad to hear about the disagreement, I have looked through a lot of posts and saw that it got pretty firey a few times in relation to certain matters. Just happy to bolster the community! We generally do hydrotherapy once a week mainly because I work fulltime and in the opposite direction to the hydro place so she swims for about 30 mins - 1 hour each Saturday, its worked wonders for her, she was limping for a while and as soon as I had her doing the hydro she was back to well as close to 100% as she will ever get. Plus it is time we get to spend together because I jump in with her.
    Don't apologise that was the whole idea! I want to get to know everyone and if that involves reading a few novels then thats cool with me!

    Thanks Tina!

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    Hi Tina . Your girls are beautiful.

    This forum has had it's ups and downs but it's generally a nice spot.

    I have Borzoi. My pack and I live in southern NSW, here is the gang (minus one):

    And the missing one, my baby - Kurgan.

    Plus another shot of my older boy Boris just 'cause photos are fun (and he's so handsome... )...

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    Love Phoenix's flop-ears! She'll be a big girl before you know it!

    This is Carl, a staffy x norfolk terrier I adopted from the rescue I work at in September 2008 (fostered him from May of the same year). He is my heart dog - he's hilarious, sweet, loyal to the end, so friendly with other dogs, and truly an incredible dog. He's my best friend

    This is Mischa, a Miniature Pinscher. Our second dog after our first Bichon Frise girl. She's a bit of a brat, but she's my princess and she gets away with murder! She's very sweet with 'her' people and protects the 'pack' (her, Carl and me ). I was very wary of her when she was younger, but now she's older and settled...somewhat! I can always trust her to be right by my heel at the park.

    This is Jag, a Bichon Frise (suspect purebred, but who knows or cares!). We rescued him from a pound in June this year with 1 day before he was scheduled for euthanasia, and with no rescue options. He was a complete MESS (see sig--needs updating) and had to be knocked out so they could clip the crap out of his coat. He came out bald. He's settled really well into our family, he was my mum's 'birthday present' and really is her dog through and through. He's only a year old but has puppyish moments and is really similar to our dog who passed away in Feb this year. Beautiful boy, pain in the ass to clip though. :|

    This is Cleo, our other Miniature Pinscher. She's a bit of a dope. We got her in 2005, two years after Mischa. The two are best friends yet worst enemies! It's funny because their personalities are polar opposites - Misch is very outgoing and bold, and Cleo is quite timid and submissive. You don't need a TV with Min Pins around, lemme tell ya! She's my sister's dog pretty much, I don't see much of her.

    And this photo from the day we went to the pound to look at Jag, if you look in the bottom right you can see a crazy Mischa.

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    Hi there Lee

    What a gorgeous pair of dogs ! And so great to see someone responsible and caring on the other end of the lead for a change.
    Yep the board has had its up and downs but it seems to have weathered the storm ok and the waves are settling once more.

    Oh,and I think everyone knows what I won,or what owns me really
    GageDesign Pet Photography
    Site still in construction so will post link when it's finished.

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    Welcome I hope you enjoy your time reading fourms and making fourms. I am 11 yrs old and I have a Border Collie puppy her name is Zoey and we got her at 6 weeks and she is now 8 weeks.

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    AWL, I'm soooo impressed .Love your dogs....

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