Hi Natty, Thanks for the welcome. Your pack are gorgeous but look like a tonne of hard work (grooming wise) you are much braver then me to tackle that hair They all look like lovely dogs thought, your right pictures are fun!

Hi Sierra, wow thats a lot of little gorgeous dogs you have there! Im sure they are a handful but loads of fun. Its great your out their adopting these poor puppies and giving them a loving home.

Thanks Choppa, its all about proving that its how we raise them and train them and not about the dog OR the breed. I still have lots to learn but I am working with some fantastic trainers here in Brisbane and will hopefully be able to get the results I want.

Hi Tina, WOW your going to have your hands full with that little bundle of joy, I hope your ready for some long walks!

Thanks Molly, they are my babies and I love them too Yeah it was great to give something back to the dogs and cats, I didn't do a lot mostly walked the dogs and took them on day trips and spent time just cuddling the cats, so I was a glorified animal cuddler LOL, was great though.