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Thread: Place to Stay and VET

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    Cool Place to Stay and VET

    Hi All

    I have German Shepherd and he is such beauitful dog, he is not that friendly with other dogs due to his exceptional excitment, he can be a real pain to take for walk as he does not walk but he runs and drags and sniffs alot and pisses at almost every post or tree

    I got him from second owner, i.e. breeder sold as part of deal with so called his sister puppy because buyer only wanted the sister and not him and then second owner sold him as he cannot take care of him because he can be really handful and scary due to his size and approach

    He is now 1 and half years old, i had him for 5 months and he is clever i.e. learns quickly even though they say u cannot teach old dog new tricks, i can assure you they are very wrong as he had learnt alot since been with me. He is also very emotional dog, i give you example yesterday i shouted at him to sit in his place, he exhaled big breathe (sign of not happy) and then put his arms aroound his face to cover his eyes, yes just like little baby

    My question is:

    Due to his very active and sometime none friendly nature, i need to find place for him to stay i.e. when i leave for overseas holiday i.e. max 4 weeks. I do have friends but they are really very unreliable and i cannot trust them to look even after themselves yet a dog. So i am stuck here and i really need place that is really very freindly and caring and can accomadate such dog

    My second question, i need to locate really good VET with reasonable pricing, i live in the area around Preston, Northcote, Richmond, Ivanhoe, Hiedleburg etc, so any VET close to those suburbs would be great.

    My Third question: I was told this dog should be police dog and such waste of talent being with me becuase i cannot give him excitment as he would experience in police work, this is said because everyone sees him realise this dog has such potential, he learns quickyl, extremely hyperactive, investigative, sniffs all time, big and can be aggressive. So if i though of giving him to the police, how would i go about it and would they reallyy take him ue to his age as my understanding that ploice dogs are training since puppies etc

    My Fourth question: Sometimes when he behaves bad or does not respond to commands, i tell him off but whenever i tell him off he pisses i.e. squirts piss and i know he is doing it because of fear, how can i train him to stop pissing like this. He also does it not only when i tell him off but also when he is really excited i.e. when i comeback from work late and greet him. So now when i come from work i run into garden to greet him to avoid him pissing in the house and once he calmed down i bring him inside the house. I really need to train him to stop this?

    I appreciate your time and effort


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    Well the breeder was totally irresponsible in the first place, definitely not an ethical breeder, selling 2 pups as a package deal.

    He is not an old dog, he is only a baby and needs a lot of training. I have once owned a dog with very similar characteristics to this dog and could go on ad nauseum as to my training methods and how I dealt with it, but my advice would be to get yourself a good trainer, or join a local German Shepherd club where you can get the help you need to deal with this dog.

    As to police dogs you would need to ring the police, but they generally look for dogs with stable temperaments and he sounds potentialy fear aggressive to me, which is not the best characteristic for a police dog.

    I actually dont think he needs excitement in his life at the moment. He needs some good solid obedience training and to get him to learn to stay calm in the face of the things that stress him out.

    As to the place to stay, cant help there. I would see if I could contact a local GSD club in your area. I know in my area they have a very active GSD club.

    Good luck. He could probably be a very good dog but you are going to have to do some work.

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    I agree with Kalacreek that you should do some obedience classes, lots of dogs and people to meet as well as improved training. If he is getting exercise, walks and training, that is all the excitment he would need, no need to become a police dog!

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    Hi All

    Thanks for your time and effort and you have answered one of my 3 questions, know i have applied to be member of German Shepherd club and hopefully this will allow my dog get company with similair kind and learn new things,

    I am really still in need of really good VET just in case,

    Most importantly place for him to stay if i wish to go on holiday from 2-4 weeks, i really need advise on thos one

    thanks again for your time and effort

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    The only way to find good vet is to go and talk to them.
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    Where are you from..There are some good boarding and training facilities in Melbourne.
    i know of one where the dogs have a great time and are treated individually and can also be trained. They have very experienced trainers on their staff. personally i would prefer to train myself under guidance, but if i had a difficult dog and i would have to go. I would feel my dog would be safe. my dogs would just have a great social time over there
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    Is the GSD club in Bundoora? If it is I believe they are really good and will help/train you to train your dog. Too often you see inexperience owners with these types of dogs. There is a young girl near me who has no control over her GSD and I fear he will get away from her one day. Way over excited.

    There are heaps of boarding kennels out Yarrambat way. And one that pops up a lot in discussions is ABBA boarding kennel, I think they are Keysborough way but could be wrong. You will just have to do some homework and inspections. If they don't allow an inspection walk away.
    Also remember if you are going away in peak season you will have to book in many months in advance.
    As for vets I use two.
    It's just a matter of picking out some clinics and popping in and getting a feel.

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    Thanks Molly33 for your advise, i will check out the place to saty for dogs and i think you are right if the dont allow walkin inspection then i would not trust them as they have something to hide.

    As for GSD yes i can go to one in Bundorra and Malvern East as one on Sat and other one Sunday, i cannot wait to get him there He is learning now alot with me but i need to get him to GSD because one it forces me as owner to devote one day aweek for him and other socialise and see his German Friends

    As for Vet i will do as you said but it is hard, because walking in and judging VET on first time is like to judge your doctor on first or second visit, sometime by the time you judged them it maybe too late this is why i have asked, as best marketing tool is word of mouth I have heard Monash University has excellent VET clinic. I will also be asking the owners of German Shepherd at the GSD and see what they think and will also be getting alot of tips from the trainers and club themselves

    I cannot wait until Feburary to get him there

    Anyway Merry Christmas and Happy New year to everyone and many thanks for your help

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