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Thread: Expensive Pet Shop Toys Vs Homemade

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    Default Expensive Pet Shop Toys Vs Homemade

    I find myself spending a fortune on toys for my staffy (Staffy ball, soccer balls, holey moley balls, Kongs, everlast treat balls, tennis balls by the bucket loads, rubber rings, pup treads tires, rope toys) However i find he isnt interested in any of them unless I playing with him and the toy at the same time (Or there is food in them of course, by they cant always have food in them 24-7 otherwise he is going to turn into a fatty!)

    Otherwise he would much prefer to rip up an old box, magazine, toilet roll or his blankets I bought him a coconut when i went shopping the other day (Not expensive $3 but still) not interested in playing with it

    Am i the only one? Im over it! Going to save my dosh and just bring home the paper everyday for him to rip apart and play with!

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    Hi Leo!
    I have the same problem...I'm spending a fortune too...Misi does not really like to play with solid toys eg. kongs , not unless Lola the pup is- then she wants to steal it from her...but she does like whatever makes most mess ( i swear it's in the breed). Things like paper, cardboard, stuffed-soft toys etc. One of her favourite things is ice coffee containers - she'll bark, cry and carry on like an idiot if she sees it up in seconds and she's happy.
    One type of toy she loves and goes stupid for is the squeeky ones. She runs with it in her mouth, squeeking away at 100kms an hour. Quite entertaining!!!
    Not long ago i came across squeeky balls at the 'Reject shop'. Not sure if it's called the 'Reject shop' all over australia.... $2 shop ? I get a pack of 4 for $3 and she gets one every 2 days or so. She only squeeks it for 5-10 mins by then it fails to squeek and she rips it into bits.
    One time the squeeker came out of the ball and i put it back in for her so now whenever a ball stops squeeking she drops it by my feet hoping i'll fix it. Once i tell her it can't be fixed she goes off to destroy it.
    Real Bones and cardboard are favourite though...
    Lola the pup will play with any toy she's given and she doesn't rip them up either - sometimes Misi will do that for her

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    I give mine rolled old socks (washed of course haha). It's their favourite toy, but it gets damaged quickly.

    I'm not sure if I'd give them old newspaper, firstly because I'm not sure how toxic printing dyes/inks are, they used to be led based. And because it took me ages to teach little one NOT to tear everything in pieces, he still does it sometime.

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    Hey leo,

    Luckily Tony doesnt really like toys all that much he would rather just sleep. lol

    Pet toys cost a fortune, i am thinking about importing in good quality cheap toys not sure if its an already saturated market but i remember looking at toys and most where $15+.

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    We had a similar problem, instead of our dogs not playing with the toys, they would just tear them to shreds and leave a big mess in the yard!

    So instead, we bought them 3 squeaky balls, so they have one each. They only play with one though

    So sometimes we give them emtpy bottles to chew and play with and they love them! And just this morning my Boxer dug a hole and found an old plastic bag, so he has been wearing that like a cape and parading it around all morning

    They love to play with sticks as well, and we have an old football and volleyball, which they haven't destroyed yet!
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    I agree the pet shop toys are wayyyy to expensive. I would pay the price if they didn't get ripped up, but give Candy a soft toy (she LOVES her soft toys!!)'s ripped within a day or 2!!
    I dont have a prob with the balls, chew toys ect..they seem to last with her (but as you said leo...she'll only play with them when we play with her!)'s just the soft toys...she loves shaking her head with them in her

    Having 4 kids and toooo many baby toys (and def nooo more baby', I have started giving her baby toys to play with. She loves them...I have one that's in the shape of a ball and with laughes and rolls about the floor...TOP dog toy!!!! LOL, She loves it!

    Whenever Candy is inside...she goes to the kids soft toy box and picks out a toy to play, too cute!

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    Mine love soft toys, but not me. I'm well over picking up a whole yard full of little bits of stuffing... Not good for the back . Padded beds are the same. I'm having to make cushions for mine as any bought ones don't last, and they have to velcro onto the trampoline beds of they get endlessly dragged around in the dirt.

    Empty milk or juice bottles - make sure lids and rings are off the top - washed out are handy, and they can still go in the recycling once they've been squashed or chewed a bit!

    Boris loves playing tug o war - I get the plaited cloth pull toys for a couple of dollars each at show stalls. I think they are just made from off cuts from bed and cushion making. But I had a lady try and sell me some recently for $20 each!! I don't think so...

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    Another here who is over the inflated prices.
    Especially as around here they lead such short lives.

    We goto to Vinnies or similar and pick up bags of soft/mixed toys and use those.

    Although like you Natty,I am pretty over forever wading through a sea of white wadding
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    Quote Originally Posted by ChoppaChop View Post
    Although like you Natty,I am pretty over forever wading through a sea of white wadding
    I can't believe how much comes out of such little toys!! Would be easy to hide if we lived somewhere snowy - wouldn't have to clean it up until spring!!

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    You're telling me!! Like how much does it take to stuff a 20 by 20 cm bluddy bunny wabbit !

    And the places I have found odd bits of wadding....oh the mind boggles

    I have a serious of pics actually of the carnage left behind by 3 of the pups....shall find the link , am too lazy to repost all the pics lol!
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