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    For some reason Roxie *always* has fleas. we bathe, wash her bed, vacuum, give her tablets and within a few days they're back. No contact with any other dogs either. They don't seem to bother her, she rarely scratches, but we always find them.

    I am going to get her a flea collar tomorrow (big w has them) and Jackson too (the staffy we're babysitting).

    I was reading the packet the other day and it says not to be used in conjunction with *insert long chemical name I can't pronounce, spell or remember* It says not to use these 'type' of chemicals with it rather than using specific names so I can't even crosscheck the packs.

    I might ring the vet in the morning but thought someone here might save me the trouble. Can I give them flea tablets, then put the collar on? I know the collar has some chemical in it and I don't want it to somehow get in through her skin when she's already had enough and poison her.

    We have tried the advantage stuff that goes directly on the skin and it doesn't work either. I'm at a loss on what else to try other than make her a hazmat suit.

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    I had a lot of sand at one of my houses, so I had to use drops on the neck, along with eucalyptus bath every 1-2 weeks and also a flea powder in the sandy gardens around the back. I was also told that a small amount of garlic in her food would be acceptable because fleas don't like the taste. I found this online, it has a table of how much you can safely feed your pooch. Garlic for Dogs | Is Garlic Safe for Dogs?
    Hope you find something that works for you.

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