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    Hi everyone

    Im just wondering if anyone knows of some nice places to go away with your dogs? i was once driving up towards Queenscliff (vic) and drove past what i thought was a Big 4 caravan park but it had dogs stay as well, and it was set up for you and ya dogs with bedding and agility courses, fun and games for the dogs etc but i cant seem to find any website for this place and cant remember the name.

    Ive been told there are camping sites where there is a large fence going around the site and you can pitch your tent up and the fences keep your dogs in and there are a heap of dog activities for them etc

    Is there a list of places like this anywhere or would anyone recommend places in Victoria??

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    there is a book you can get called "Holidaying with Dogs" that has a huge list of all the places in Australia you can go with your dogs, from places that just allow them there to places that have baby-sitting, activities and things for your dog.

    its well worth a read through ... couldn't find one that you were speaking of but there are many so I may have missed it. They have everything from cabins to camping places I always find my holiday spots there haha
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