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Thread: Puppies - Cat Won't Come in the House

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    Default Puppies - Cat Won't Come in the House

    The pups are now 10 days old. Over the past 3-4 days, the cat will not come in the house. He is great with dogs. My dogs usually bow down to him. For the most part he completely ignores the dogs and minds his own business. He has not been interested in the puppies one bit and hasn't had any 'flack' from Melisha, but he just won't come in. It isn't a problem for us (doesn't seem to be for him either), just wondering why he's behaving like a snob.

    Also daddy dog, will not go within 3 feet of the pup box. He won't even snooze on his fav chair because it's in the same room as the pups. He has sniffed once or twice but if they are too close he seems to really fear them. While Melisha does get slightly uncomfortable when there is a crowd around the box, she has not shown any signs of aggression or stress.

    Is it just the way animals work? Just giving Melisha space to do her thing?

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    see the link below may be you get help
    How to Get an Escaped House Cat to Come Home - wikiHow

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