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    I'm just wondering if anyone could tell me how long a dog is on heat for?

    My 7month old rotty came on heat on the 27/2 and has stopped bleeding which i thought she had stopped...needless to say i took her for a walk and the male staffy came running after her and straight away tryed humping, i was freaking out shoo'ed him away and took off back home,

    is she still on heat? and how long until i can walk her again? Oh she stopped bleeding about 3days ago.

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    Welcome to the forum. Heres some information on dogs in heat. Hope it helps

    1. What is heat?
    Heat is more properly called the estrous cycle. During this cycle, female dogs may get pregnant. It’s equivalent to human menstruation.

    2. What are the symptoms?
    Females bleed from the vagina sometimes with swelling of the vulva and increased urination. Don’t expect bleeding comparable to a human female.
    For small dogs, it’s usually not much and you may need to pay close attention to your puppy to identify her first cycle. Other than the bleeding, the most noticeable symptom may be
    male dogs hanging around your house.

    3. When does a dog come into heat?
    The average female dog has her first cycle about six months of age. A few dogs start earlier and few dogs later, even as late as 14-months.
    If you have a new female puppy, you should watch her and note when she has her first cycle. If she’s 14-months old and still hasn't’t been in heat, you should take her to a veterinarian.

    4. How long does the heat cycle last?
    The average is three weeks or 21-days. In some dogs, it lasts only two weeks while others go four weeks.

    5. How often will she be in heat?
    Most female dogs have regular cycles usually every six to eight months. It’s quite typical to be in heat twice a year.

    6. When can she get pregnant?
    She can get pregnant only when in heat. Some breeders
    test for progesterone levels to identify the most fertile days but the rule-of-thumb is that the most fertile days are 11-15 of her cycle.
    Note – when she’s in heat, the average dog will permit any male
    dog to mount her. Few females, however, will accept a male when
    they’re not in heat.

    7. Can she get pregnant her first cycle?
    Yes. However, responsible breeders generally would not breed a dog that early. For one thing, you need to do genetic testing and some serious problems such as hip conditions do not show up until a dog is approximately 2-years of age.

    8. Can I take her on walks during this cycle?
    Yes with care. She has no problem with the exercise but she’s a walking magnet for male dogs.
    Even the best trained and behaved female dog will succumb to hormones. You can’t trust her off a leash or out of your control. Never let her outside by herself even in a fenced yard if there is any possibility of male dogs nearby.
    For walks, if there are male dogs in your neighborhood, it’s a good idea to take your dog in your car and drive to a remote area. Take her for the walk there and drive back home. Otherwise, the scent of her urine and vaginal discharge will blaze a trail to your home.

    9. When I can have her spayed?
    The answer to that one has changed continually over the
    25-years I’ve been in the dog business. People used to be told to let their dog go through at least one cycle or let them have one litter.
    Today, veterinarians are doing it much earlier. Some vets spay as early as 6-weeks of age! Talk to your veterinarian about your dog and the vet’s preferences. The state of veterinary medicine also is much improved over the past 25-years.

    10. If I don’t have her spayed, will she go through menopause.
    No. Her fertility may decline but she will not go through menopause comparable to a human’s. She won’t lose her ability to become pregnant even as a senior so if you don’t want to her to have any (or more) litters, she must be spayed.

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    Ok so i have 1more day until shes off. Thats great, she misses her walks!
    Thanks alot Morgan for your information.

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    please note-not all dogs obey books. (lol) My girl was on heat for nearly 5 weeks, and was still trying to breed a week after it finished. Do not let her alone around other male dogs-untill at least another week. Please-for her sake.

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    Make sure her vulva has returned to it's normal state (ie not swollen at all) and she is behaving normally before you take her anywhere... Don't be in a hurry...

    If you're going to hold off on spaying her before her next cycle, your vet can give her an injection just after she comes into heat which will end the cycle early and make life a whole lot easier - and it really doesn't cost much at all.

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    Good god forthedogs!
    Maybe not tomorrow then.

    yeah she still is swollen but it has gone down about 60% nattylou. I'm getting her sprayed in a month.

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    Yes, some go over the 21 days so be very careful. I would put knickers on her just incase a dog jumps on her. It only takes a sec for it to happen if the dog is experienced.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sheltiefan View Post
    Yes, some go over the 21 days so be very careful. I would put knickers on her just incase a dog jumps on her. It only takes a sec for it to happen if the dog is experienced.
    yeah and wearing knickers wont make much difference

    Keep your bitch inside or in a dog run when she is in season, if a male can get to her he WILL find a way!

    If she is not a show breeding bitch then i would strongly suggest having her spayed and avoiding any unwanted accidents
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