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Thread: When Will She Come on Heat?

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    Dogs have gone through glass windows to reach a bitch. It can and more than likely will happen if you dont spey her or watch her 24 hours. And I do mean 24 hours lol

    Is there a reason he wont have her speyed yet?
    Or have I missed that already sitting here under my mushroom ......
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    Hi Chelsea, female dogs can go into heat anytime between 6months old and 12 months.

    My suggestion is to have her desexed -- on top of what everyone else has posted about, there are risks involved with cancers and infections keeping a female entire. My friend's dog was entire and thankfully they caught the uterine cancer early so it could be removed and she lived.

    As for ickiness, it varies. I know a dog who bleeds constantly and it absolutely reeks. The owner has no intention to breed but she won't desex.

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