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Thread: Totally Sickened....

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    Default Totally Sickened....

    and disillusioned

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    Rosie, The Newfoundland Shot By Police

    Rosie, a 2 year old Newfoundland dog, was shot by police in Des Moines, Washington on Sunday, November 7, 2010. Somehow, Rosie managed to get out of her yard while her family was gone. Residents in the area reported a dog running loose in the area. The Des Moines, WA PD responded, cornered her in the fenced yard of a resident and shot her four times. Because, according to police, Rosie showed her teeth, it was felt she was aggressive. Among other firearms used in the killing of Rosie, was a sniper rifle. The Des Moines, Washington Police Department, headed by Chief John O'Leary, must be held accountable for Rosie's unnecessary death
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    That's awful

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    poor poor Rosie, he definately needs to be held accountable!

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