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Thread: English Staffy Indestructable Toys

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    Default English Staffy Indestructable Toys

    Hi there,

    just wondering if anyone has some ideas on what we could use for toys for our 7 month old English Staffy pup.we love him to pieces, but he goes through shop bought toys like crazy, and our back yard looks like a mine site from everything he has destroyed. last week we went through 4 water buckets, 2 hoses, my peg basket and all the pegs ( I think a couple were digested), and he chews posts, branches, dog kennels, taps, anything that can be chewed really.

    he has bones, the company of another dog ,and is walked and exercised regularly, and has a very good life, he can't destroy his kong, but doesn't really play with it if the foods gone.

    any ideas of toys we could make would be great
    this is the face that I am greeted with when i get home, so i know he's done something wrong!
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    Try a coconut, with all the husk on it if you can get your hands on one.

    Tried wheelbarrow tires? and make a spring pull, they were good for my old dog.

    Just a tire, rope, and a garage door spring attached to a strong tree branch and hung just above head height..
    , its great fun for the dog and keeps them occupied.
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    I have a staffy x i used to come home to the same destruction.

    Anything you don't want chewed that you can move, move.

    I found a kong thats covered in a strong nylon stuff with tails hanging off it and a squeaker, Peg loves it and it is still to become damaged.

    in her run we hung a dog tyre at her head height, we didn't like the idea of her jumping and possibly twisting, we used shock cord that would normally be on boats the add a roo tail or bone to the tyre and she's happy.

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    Yep,go the Kong or a tyre.

    And certainly move anything you DONT want chewed
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    Oooohhhh just the information I needed... Im over our 10mth old destroying mobile phones and video cameras, he gets into EVERYTHING but doesnt seem too interested in anything else

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    Freeze a bone or bit of meat in an ice-cream container full of water. Takes ages to eat through all the ice, and with the warmer weather it is like a bit doggy icy pole.

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    That sounds like a great idea...wish i had thought of that

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    These toys are expensive, but worth every dollar in the long run.

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    My Rottweiler has the yellow treat ball which is like the staffy ball. She is entertained for hours rolling it around the yard, and that's without treats in it. I also have some of the other toys like the home alone and thong toys which she absolutely loves.

    For chewing, dogs love raw meaty bones and they will keep them entertained for hours.

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    I got my dog a $7 Dr Harry rubber ball from BigW and he loved it. Super bouncy and couldn't chew through. Recently I got him a three sided rubber ring from the pet store. He carries it everywhere. He can chew on it, fetch it, play tug. Sometimes we hook it to the pergola or the clothes line and he will spend the majority of his day trying to grab it. He is a staffy too and LOVES to spring up and down. He will stare at the sky in the afternoons and jump up and down. We usually have a clam pool out for him in the heat. We haven't replaced it from last summer yet, but he loves to 'dig' in the water.

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    Have you tried the "tuffy" toys? They live up to their name and are well worth the expense. They dont break- so its cheaper in the long run... by Kenzie Frenzy | The MOST durable soft dog toys in Australia and New Zealand

    I would love to get the tuffy dog bed- but I cannot find a stockist in Australia (our dog chews a dog bed in a flash...)

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