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Thread: Anyone Had Experience With/ Thoughts on 'the Pet Loo?'

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    Default Anyone Had Experience With/ Thoughts on 'the Pet Loo?'

    It's looking like I will be soon moving closer to the city with my male newfie. The house I am looking at has a very small backyard that is mainly paved, with tanbark and plants around the exterior. He has stayed here before and pees and poos on the tanbark, but I am concerned that, even though poos are picked up every day, it will start to smell and that over time, urinating on plants will kill them.

    I am looking at 'The Pet Loo,' which are those grassed 'back yard in a box' which has synthetic grass over a drain that catches urine and is acidity resistant to supposively minimise smell.

    I am interested to hear people's thoughts/ experiences. Namely, did their dogs use it, did their male dog continue to cock his leg elsewhere, did it begin to smell over time, and do you think it would be viable for a giant breed? (the largest holds 1.75 litres of liquid)

    And, never fear, George is walked twice daily, has dog obedience training once weekly, and plenty of trips to my horse paddocks so (I hope) won't be too bored in his new surrounds!


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    I have never seen these before.
    Be interesting to find out how it goes though

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    Sounds interesting. If your boy is desexed before sexual maturity it would work better wouldn't it? As territory marking isn't necessarily toilet related and they'll go where they want to mark - not where we want them to relieve themselves...

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    I'm pretty sure the Pet Loo is the best one. It's got an "easy drawer" that's smaller than the other ones, so you can empty it easily and often.

    For bigger dogs they say to push two of them together to make a larger area. But at $360 each you're gonna hope it's a royal flush...

    The synthetic grass apparently has something on it to help attract the dogs to pee on it. I don't know about the whole marking territory thing - you see my dog is female and desexed....but still lifts her leg when we go somewhere new to mark all the trees and bits she needs to (which is like 20 on average!) lol.

    The synthetic grass just needs to be lifted and washed and hung to dry. It's good to get a spare so you can use it while the other is drying. To me, this seems like a pain in the ass (to have to wash a sheet of wee a couple of times a week), especially if you have two of them.

    I think you can use bleach on it or something to kill the germs. Then just hose it, or whatever. Not sure, you'll have to check their site.

    As for the number 2s, you're just meant to shovel them off the top as a daily or twice daily thing. Empty the drawer every day or so too. The concept behind it is that once the urine is drained away from the top, it goes to a labyrinth underneath which locks most of it away from being exposed to the air.

    This is all in theory, I haven't tried it myself. Would be good to read more comments on how others have found it.

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