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Thread: Missing a Tooth!?

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    Exclamation Missing a Tooth!?

    It being a warm day today I brought Johnny, my long haired chihuahua inside for a cool off. As he was rolling around I noticed he is missing one of his bottom incisors.

    What does this mean for him? Are his adult teeth still coming in or did he break and or loose it?

    Johnny is between 5 and 6 months old.

    He isn't in any obvious pain and can still eat fine. I am not sure what to do.

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    Hi Michelle,
    Dogs have baby teeth like kids do, it is most likely he is about to get an adult tooth

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    I was wondering if that might be the case - it looks odd as the other tooth as grown right up.

    I was worried he broke it. He loves leaving gifts at our back door, including rocks. Silly boy.

    Thanks for the response

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    At 5 months old he is still teething so I wouldn't worry. If there is no sign of the tooth at all (indicating it was broken) then I'd say he just lost a baby one.
    I never found a single tooth when my pup lost his baby teeth, he wither lost them in the yard or swallowed them all.

    Some dogs can be missing teeth naturally as well. While most dogs have full dentition, some have gaps where the adult teeth never emerged.

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    I found most of Frosty's baby teeth with my bare feet in the house. Quite a collection. And sharp too.

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    It is normal for 5-6month old puppies to lose their baby teeth -- to give space to adult teeth.

    No need to worry

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